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The Yankees aren’t going anywhere without a Soto trade

With the absence of Aaron Judge, the Yankees have exposed their biggest flaw…hitting a baseball. In the month of June, the Yankees batted .233 on balls in play which ranked last. Ranked 27th in fWAR at 0.6, last in OBP, 25th in SLG% and 28th in wRC+. Yeah… they’re pretty bad to say the least, but once Judge gets back after the All Star game the Yankees should see an improvement in those categories. But how do you fix the rest of the lineup? One name… one man…one superhero… Juan Soto.

Juan Soto was traded last trade deadline from the Nationals to the Padres with the expectations of a World Series bid pairing him with Fernando Tatis and Manny Machado. But we currently sit here today and the Padres are 8 games under .500 and could be looking to sell off some pieces to rebuild for next season. And one of those names could be Juan Soto. Soto sits 8th in fWAR this season and is slashing .274/.426/.495 with 14 HR and a 155 wRC+. Now trading for Soto would have to mean blowing up the farm with the possibility he leaves in 2025 but that’s a chance the Yankees need to take for these reasons.

Horrible Lineup Construction

Even with Judge in the lineup, Aaron Boone could just not find a lineup that clicks all around. Doesn’t help the Yankees only 5 players slightly over 100 wRC+. Let’s go through the troubling players, firstly we’ll start off with who I think is the worst contract in baseball in Giancarlo Stanton. Making $32 M to swing a .198 bat with a 82 wRC+ and -0.2 fWAR. Stanton’s contract and his inability to play the field is gonna cost them a chance at Shohei Ohtani this off-season, the inability to play the field also limits the bats the Yankees can get at the deadline like a Joc Pederson who currently has a 136 wRC+. DJLM has been also awful this season and if it’s due to an injury we still don’t know but a 25.5% K% is certainly unacceptable for a contact hitter. The last names I’m gonna group together is Jose Trevino, Josh Donaldson and IKF and yes if everyone is healthy some of these names don’t play but come playoff time the Yankees are gonna need bats to step up and these guys aren’t doing that. Trevino is one of the worst qualified hitting catchers in all of baseball, Josh Donaldson seems to get worse and worse and well IKF is having a better season it’s still not moving the needle.

And how does Juan Soto fix this? Well slotting Soto in the 3/4 spot will take lineup relief off of guys like Judge and Stanton and will make their approach less HR or bust and more towards the contact side of the ball. Just the mere presence of Juan Soto in the lineup will create more opportunities for the guys in front and behind him and will just open the entire offense up.


I’m gonna give you two things that don’t correlate… the Yankees and Postseason hitting. Over the past couple years the Yankees have been dreadful when it comes hitting in October and well that’s not a problem for Juan Soto. 123 wRC+ over two postseason runs but the one that’s most important is the one where he carried the Nationals to a World Series win batting .333 with 3 HR and 7 RBI’s at the age of 20. Clutch HR’s off Gerrit Cole and plenty more clutch hits solidified Soto as that guy in the show of shows. Clutch hitters is what the Yankees need in October because everyone disappeared in the ALCS against the Astros including the “Captain” Aaron Judge.


People need to realize that the window for the Yankees to win is closing you’re already seeing regression from Giancarlo Stanton and Gerrit Cole and Judge ain’t gonna keep up the pace he hits at. So adding Soto for a year a half is a MUST if they want any chance to compete against the Rays and the Rangers. Prospects are cool for bad teams not good ones and the Yankees need to dump whoever to get what they desperately have want since 2009 and that’s a World Series banner.

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