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The top prospects available in Day 2

Now that the first round of picks is over let’s review who are some of the best guys still on the board going into round 2 and 3.

1. Joey Porter Jr: CB Penn State

Joey Porter is without a doubt in that top tier of CBs in this draft. He’s gonna be one of the biggest Corners in the league and he plays like it. I thought he was a sure fire first rounder, and he’ll make some team happy getting him in the second round

2. Kelee Ringo: CB Georgia

There’s gonna be concerns about his hip flexibility but Kelee Ringo is an absolute force in the run game and runs guys off the line in press. He’s a bit jumpy but he has the recovery speed to make up for it. I think he has the ability to transition to safety as well

3. Trenton Simpson: LB Clemson

I call him a LB but Trenton Simpson can really do it all for you. He’s as versatile as they come and can contribute in the run and pass game well from day 1.

4. Darnell Washington: TE Georgia

The only Tight end taken in the first round this year was Dalton Kincaid, who fit the Bills better than Washington did, but I thought he was a great replacement for Dalton Schultz in Dallas. Washington is my TE1 for a reason as an athletic freak that’s a monster after the catch that can serve as a 6th lineman if needed.

5. Dawand Jones: OT Ohio State

With the amount of tackles that went in round 1 I was very shocked to not hear Jones’ name be called last night. He’s the anchor a lot of teams could use in the pass game and was a top 5 tackle for me.

6. Josh Downs: WR UNC

Downs is an ideal slot WR that a lot of teams could use. After the first WR not going until 20 it’s not crazy that Downs fell out of the first round but I don’t expect him to fall much further

7. BJ Ojulari: Edge LSU

BJ is a little smaller for an edge rusher but he has great athleticism and knows how to squeeze a down block like no other.

8. Michael Mayer: TE Notre Dame

I was shocked that Mayer didn’t go round 1 because of how much talk there was of him being TE1 and there were some good spots for him to go at (like Buffalo). He’s really good in contested situations and is a good receiver in general

9. O’Cyrus Torrence: OG Florida

I’m not shocked he’s still available in round 2 despite being a round 1 talent since he’s a guard but there’s a few guard needy teams that could use him

10. John Michael-Schmitz: C Minnesota

I thought he was the guy for the Giants or Jags and as the best run blocker in the draft I don’t expect him to be on the board much longer even in spite of his age

Don’t want this list to be too long since I’m basically just reading the best players off my draft board (that you can read here) but this is a list of the most notable guys for me.

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