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LIVE: 2023 NFL Draft Analysis

Here is where you can find live analysis of every pick made in the 2023 NFL draft from 1 to 259.


1. Carolina Panthers: Bryce Young- QB Alabama (A+)

This is an A+ 2nd best player in the draft best Qb and it’s a huge need. You don’t trade 2 firsts and a star WR if you aren’t getting a franchise QB and Young is exactly that.

2. Houston Texans: CJ Stroud- QB Ohio State (A)

Team need best player available at their biggest need top 5 player in the draft and they still have 11 more picks to build around him. I’m excited for what Houston will do

3. Houston Texans (via Arizona Cardinal): Will Anderson Jr- Edge Alabama (A+)

Trade details

Houston receives: Pick 3, pick 105

Arizona receives: Pick 12, pick 33, 2024 First round pick 2024 3rd round pick

trading up for The best player in the class right after getting their Qb of the future is great. The trade also wasn’t too hefty for Houston either this is an absolute win for them

4. Indianapolis Colts: Anthony Richardson- QB Florida (C+)

I’m higher on this pick than I thought I would’ve been just a month ago. It’s their biggest need and he’s the best Qb available but there’s so many other options I would’ve taken for the colts here. Can’t HATE it given his ceiling but I don’t love it either

5. Seattle Seahawks: Devon Witherspoon- CB Illinois (F+)

I’m angry man. He’s 19th on my board my CB4 and a top 3 player in the class and a team need fell into your lap. I don’t even know what to say right now

6. Arizona Cardinals (via Detroit Lions): Paris Johnson Jr- OT Ohio State (A-)

This a team need he’s the second best player on the board he’s the best OL by far but Carter is also a need and a better player so can’t be an A+. I still like the pick tho this is good.

7. Las Vegas Raiders: Tyree Wilson- Edge Texas Tech (B+)

Not a crazy reach or anything but I think Carter was a pretty obvious pick here. Just glad they didn’t take Levis

8. Atlanta Falcons: Bijan Robinson- RB Texas (C)

This is a really hard pick to trade. In terms of overall talent this is a good pick (2nd best player available in my book), but you had other needs you could’ve and should’ve filled and the 3rd best player in the draft is still available so it’s really hard to give this any higher than a C.

9. Philadelphia Eagles (via Chicago Bears): Jalen Carter: IDL Georgia (A+)

This is and will be the best pick in the draft. You took the 3rd best player at 9 and now you have your Javon Hargrave replacement and an absolute force at DT.

10. Chicago Bears (via Philadelphia Eagles): Darnell Wright- OT Tennessee (D-)

This one is a head-scratcher. OT is a need but there were so many better OTS available and there were better players at other needs available. I don’t understand why they would reach so hard here

11. Tennessee Titans Peter Skoronski- OT Northwestern (C+)

Better players at other needs available and he was OT2 on the board In my opinion. It’s a big need so you can’t hate it but it’s not who I would take

12. Detroit Lions: Jahmyr Gibbs- RB Alabama (F-)

This makes no sense. You have other needs and so many better players on the Board and you take a running back you could’ve taken later in the draft? I don’t understand this one.

13. Green Bay Packers: Lukas Van Ness- Edge Iowa (D+)

It’s kind of a need but there’s a lot of better players available even at edge. Really dislike this although he’s young and they’re rebuilding so it kinda makes sense I guess? Don’t like the pick though.

14. Pittsburgh Steelers (Via New England Patriots): Broderick Jones- OT Georgia (A+)

Amazing pick this is arguably their biggest needs he’s the best player at that need and he’s one of the best guys on the board.

15. New York Jets: Will McDonald IV- Edge Iowa State (D+)

After Jones went at 15 it makes sense that they didn’t go OT but they could’ve gotten a lot better edge rushers or taken one of the TEs or taken JSN or Jordan Addison. Don’t like this pick

16. Washington Commanders: Emmanuel Forbes- CB Mississippi State (F+)

Forbes was my CB11 and went CB2. I don’t understand this even from a scheme standpoint. Gonzalez and Ringo are clearly better picks.

17. New England Patriots (Via Pittsburgh Steelers): Christian Gonzalez- CB Oregon (B+)

Team need good fit although I would’ve preferred Joey Porter Jr or one of the big 3 WRs here. Trading down and getting A need is nice tho.

18. Detroit Lions: Jack Campbell- LB Iowa (D+)

It’s not a terrible reach but he’s my LB2 and there were better players at bigger needs available so can’t be too high on this pick.

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Calijah Kancey- IDL Pittsburgh (C)

Not the best DT available and there were other needs they could’ve gotten here. Don’t absolutely hate it since he’s a high ceiling guy tho

20. Seattle Seahawks: Jaxon Smith-Njigba- WR OSU (A)

It was almost impossible for Seattle to make a bad pick here and I’m fine with JSN here. It’s a good pick and a steal

21. Los Angeles Chargers: Quentin Johnston- WR TCU (A-)

I would’ve preferred Jordan Addison or Bresee but this is a solid pick still can’t be mad at it. They got Herbert some more speed

22. Baltimore Ravens: Zay Flowers- WR Boston College (B+)

It’s their biggest need so you can’t hate it but jordan Addison was a layup here so I gotta deduct points for not taking him

23. Los Angeles Chargers: Jordan Addison- WR USC (A+)

Great pick. They got a top 10 talent and the best WR left and arguably in the draft.

24. New York Giants: Deonte Banks- CB Maryland (D+)

They had bigger needs than CB and there were better options at CB in my opinion.

25. Buffalo Bills: Dalton Kincaid- TE Utah (C+)

I don’t hate this pick because it gives them another Receiving threat but I think there’s other way they should’ve gone with this pick.

26. Dallas Cowboys: Mazi Smith- IDL Michigan (C+)

I feel like this was a bit of a reach and Although getting a run stopper was needed I think Trenton Simpson or Josh Downs would’ve been a better pick.

27. Jacksonville Jaguars: Anton Harrison- OT Oklahoma (C)

I think focusing on interior offensive line would have been better for Jacksonville and I would have liked Dawand Jones here to give Trevor Lawrence an anchor in the passing game

28. Cincinnati Bengals: Myles Murphy- Edge Clemson (A)

Yea they could’ve used interior offensive line or a TE but Murphy at 28 is a steal and a great addition to their DL which could use some more help in the run game.

29. New Orleans Saints: Bryan Bresee- IDL Clemson (A+)

Bresee is really gonna help out New Orleans pass rushing and this is an absolute steal at 29.

30. Philadelphia Eagles: Nolan Smith- Edge Georgia (A+)

Philly got two of the biggest steals in the draft this year and their pass rush is going to be so unstoppable it won’t matter that they don’t have a slot corner and/or Free Saftey

31. Kansas City Chiefs: Felix Anudike-Uzomah (C)

I think getting a tackle here would’ve been better or getting a more versatile guy like Keion White but he’s the best edge rusher here so can’t complain too much.


32. Pittsburgh Steelers: Joey Porter Jr- CB Penn State (A+)

This was a no brainer. He’s the best player on the board, he’s a team need, and cherry on top he’s the son of former Steelers All Pro Joey Porter. Great pick good job

33. Tennessee Titans (via Arizona Cardinals): Will Levis- QB Kentucky (C)

This is a bit high for Levis and I’d like to give more time to Willis before you take another QB but they’re rebuilding and this is their new future QB.

34. Detroit Lions: Sam LaPorta- TE Iowa (D+)

Detroit is straight up selling what should’ve been a very easy draft for them. Not only were there a few TEs better than LaPorta, but Tight End also wasn’t a big enough need to justify reaching on one when they still need DL and WRs.

35. Las Vegas Raiders (via Indianapolis Colts)- Michael Mayer TE (A-)

This is a need and one of the best players available so can’t complain although I would’ve liked other players here.

36. Los Angeles Rams: Steve Avila- IOL TCU (C-)

This is a need for them but there were so many better players and this is a huge reach to me. If they wanted IOL Torrence and JMS were there

37. Seattle Seahawks: Derrick Hall- Edge Auburn (D+)

Seattle needed an edge but there were a few better edge rushers they could’ve gotten and Hall likely would’ve been there at

38. Atlanta Falcons: Matthew Bergeron- OT Syracuse (D-)

I don’t understand this one at all. Not only was this a huge reach, there were better tackles available, AND this wasn’t a need for them. I get it’s a future Jake matthews replacement but you shouldn’t be making future moves like that with so many needs. To make matters worse they traded up for him.

39. Carolina Panthers: Jonathan Mingo- WR Ole Miss (D)

Another huge reach here for a position that’s not really a need. I would’ve like him in round 3 but there’s quite a few WRs I would’ve liked over Mingo.

40. New Orleans Saints: Isaiah Foskey- Edge Notre Dame (C)

Another reach but this is at least a need for the saints. Thought Ojulari would’ve been the surefire pick here

41. Arizona Cardinals: BJ Ojulari- Edge LSU (A+)

Arizona is killing the draft right now, they’re constantly trading down, and getting great picks. Ojulari is the best edge on the board and they needed one badly.

42. Green Bay Packers: Luke Musgrave- TE Oregon State (A-)

This is a fine pick talent wise and it’s a need but I would’ve gone Safety or IOL here. Could’ve gotten Love a slot WR in Josh downs as well

43. New York Jets: Joe Tippmann- C Wisconsin (D)

This isn’t really a need it’s a huge need and there were guys available at needs and there was a better Center available.

44. Indianapolis Colts: Julius Brents- CB Kansas State (B-)

It’s a need and I like Brents but there’s a couple CBS I preferred to him, although you can’t hate the pick.

45. Detroit Lions (via Green Bay Packers): Brian Branch (B+)

Solid pick. This is around where I had him on my board and he gives them a safety or slot CB depending on where they want him and CJGJ. He’s a really good run stopper which is what they need.

46. New England Patriots: Keion White- DL Georgia Tech (A)

Great pick. They could use another DL and he can play inside and out and he’s the best lineman on the board.

47. Washington Commanders: Jartavius Martin- DB Illinois (D-)

Head scratcher. They had other needs and just drafted a CB. He can play safety but that’s not a need either and it’s a huge reach

48. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Cody Mauch (C-)

It’s a need but a reach and he’s very old to get drafted by a rebuilding team. He helps out the run game though, which is needed badly so can’t hate it too much

49. Pittsburgh Steelers: Keeanu Benton- IDL Wisconsin (C-)

I mean I guess they could use an IDL but this is a reach for me and they have other needs I would’ve attacked.

50. Green Bay Packers: Jayden Reed- WR Michigan State (D-)

It’s a need but it’s a HUGE reach so can’t be very high in it.

51. Miami Dolphins: Cam Smith- CB South Carolina (B)

Not the best cb available and it’s not a huge need but it’s good value so I don’t hate it.

52. Seattle Seahawks: Zach Charbonnet- RB UCLA (F+)

It’s a reach Seattle had bigger needs and there were very good players at those needs they could’ve taken. What is Seattle doing.

53. Chicago Bears: Gervon Dexter Sr. IDL Florida (D+)

Now since he’s a young developmental piece and this is a rebuilding team you can’t hate on it it too much, but it’s a reach still.

54. Los Angeles Chargers: Tuli Tuipoltu- Edge USC (B+)

I like this pick. Edge wasn’t a huge need but it’s a good talent pick and he could be really good for them if he develops which he could likely do with Khalil Mack and Joey Bosa as his mentors.

55. Kansas City Chiefs (via Detroit Lions): Rashee Rice- WR SMU (B)

I don’t hate it but don’t love it either. They could use a WR but downs was available.

56. Chicago Bears (via Jacksonville Jaguars): Tyrique Stevenson- CB Miami (D+)

I watched the least amount of film on him but I don’t like this pick. There were better CBs available and they could’ve gotten better players at other needs

57. New York Giants: John Michael-Schmitz- C Minnesota (A+)

Absolute steal at one of their biggest needs. They got one of the best players on the board.

58. Dallas Cowboys: Luke Schoonmaker (C-)

I don’t hate it because this was a need and they wanted more of a route runner at TE and he’s a good win now guy. Still would’ve rather had some other guys

59. Buffalo Bills: O’Cyrus Torrence- IOL Florida (A+)

Another steal and it’s a need for them so I love it.

60. Cincinnati Bengals: DJ Turner- CB Michigan (D-)

He’s a combine warrior but he’s not nearly good enough to go this high.

61. Jacksonville Jaguars: Brenton Strange- TE Penn State (F-)

This makes no sense. He’s not a need and is a HUGE REACH.

62. Houston Texans (via Philadelphia Eagles): Juice Scruggs- C Penn State (C)

It’s a need but this is a big reach. They had other needs they should’ve went

63. Denver Broncos (via Detroit Lions): Marvin Mims- WR Oklahoma (B)

This is somewhat a need, and he’s one of the best WRs in the board but I would’ve gone TE here and taken Washington or gotten Kelee Ringo.


64. Chicago Bears: Zacch Pickens- IDL South Carolina (C-)

Taking another IDL is weird and this is a bit of a reach. Would’ve preferred a DB or a TE here.

65. Philadelphia Eagles: Tyler Steen- OT Alabama (D)

They announced him at guard so I guess he’s a potential Semaulo replacement but I would’ve looked at a WR here 100%

66. Philadelphia Eagles: Sydney Brown- S Illinois (A-)

This was a need for Philly and he’s one of the best available so you can’t really complain here.

67. Denver Broncos: Drew Sanders- LB Arkansas (A-)

This is a steal although they don’t necessarily need him.

68. Detroit Lions: Hendon Hooker- QB Tennessee (C)

I don’t hate getting a QB of the future, but they still have needs they need to address so this gets bogged down for me.

69. Houston Texans: Tank Dell- WR Houston (A)

It’s a need and he’s one of the best players still available. Great. Pick here.

70. Las Vegas Raiders: Byron Young- DL Alabama (D)

I mean yea they can use an IDL but this is a huge reach.

71. New Orleans Saints: Kendre Miller- RB TCU (C)

Getting another RB is nice but I find this a bit of a reach and they should’ve looked at some other positions

72. Arizona Cardinals: Garrett Williams- CB Syracuse (C-)

It’s a need but it’s a reach so I don’t love it. Kelee Ringo is still on the board.

73. New York Giants: Jalin Hyatt- WR Tennessee (A-)

WR was a need and he gives them some needed sped. Good value too at 73.

74. Cleveland Browns: Cedric Tillman- WR Tennessee (B)

It’s good value but the WR room is starting to get a little crowded and they had other needs they could’ve gotten here.

75. Atlanta Falcons: Zach Harrison- Edge Ohio State (B)

They filled a need and the value isn’t bad but there were better edge rushers available.

76. New England Patriots: Marte Mapu- LB/S Sacramento State (C-)

Weird pick. Reach but he can play what they need so don’t hate it.

77. Los Angeles Rams: Byron Young- Edge Tennessee (A-)

78. Green Bay Packers: Tucker Kraft- TE South Dakota State (F+)

This is about where he was on my board but the packers just took a TE in the second round and they had other needs.

79. Indianapolis Colts: Josh Downs- WR UNC (A+)

I have downs a first round grade and he. Goes here in the middle of the third round which is fantastic value.

80. Carolina Panthers: DJ Johnson- Edge Oregon (C)

In my heart this is the best pick of the draft. DJ Johnson i my favorite player in the draft and I’m very happy he got taken. With that being said, it’s still a reach and there were other needs they could’ve taken although getting another edge was needed. The talent is there 100%.

81. Tennessee Titans: Tyjae Spears- RB Tulane (B-)

This will be a need once Henry is traded but the titans had other needs they should’ve gone after focused on

82. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: YaYa Diaby- Edge Louisville (C)

It’s a need but it’s also a reach so I don’t like this pick a lot

83. Denver Broncos (via Seattle Seahawks): Riley Moss- CB Iowa (B)

I like him as CB2 to Patrick Surtain. He’s an all around CB that will contribute right away

84. Miami Dolphins: Devon Achane- RB Texas A&M (B-)

This is a need but there were some better players you could’ve taken although he was the best running back in the board.

85. Los Angeles Chargers: Daiyan Henley- LB Washington State (A)

Good value and a need. Love to see it.

86. Baltimore Ravens: Trenton Simpson- LB Clemson (A+)

Steal of the draft and a need. Great pick

87. San Francisco 49ers: Ji’Aiyir Brown- S Penn State (D)

This is a reach and not a need.

88. Jacksonville Jaguars: Tank Bigsby- RB Auburn (C+)

Getting a second RB is nice but I would’ve definitely taken Ringo here and I liked Evans more.

89. Los Angeles Rams: Kobie Turner- IDL Wake Forest (D+)

Bit of a reach but they needed another IDL so don’t hate it too much

90. Dallas Cowboys: DeMarvion Overshown- LB Texas (A-)

He can play all over the field and is good value here at 90.

91. Buffalo Bills: Dorian Williams- LB Tulane (B+)

Need but there was a better LB on the board

92. Kansas City Chiefs: Wanya Morris- OT Oklahoma (C-)

They needed a tackle but this was a reach to me. Ringo was right there too.

93. Pittsburgh Steelers: Darnell Washington- TE Georgia (A+)

Yea they have a TE but this is an absolute steal and Pittsburgh can make this work.

94. Arizona Cardinals: Michael Wilson- WR Stanford (A+)

Great value and a need. Very good pick, Kyler will love him.

95. Cincinnati Bengals: Jordan Battle: S Alabama (A)

This was a need and he’ll be a solid replacement for Jesse Bates

96. Detroit Lions: Brodric Martin- IDL (F)

Trading up to reach on a guy is just not it although it is a need.

97. Washington Commanders: Ricky Stromberg- C Arkansas (D)

Another reach although Center is a need to be fair.

98. Cleveland Browns: Siaka Ika- DT Baylor (A)

Cleveland is gonna get the help they need in the run game from Ika.

99. San Francisco 49ers: Jake Moody- K Michigan (D+)

KICKERS ARE PEOPLE TOO. I don’t care if it isn’t a need or if it’s a reach this is a great pick.

100. Las Vegas Raiders: Tre Tucker- WR Cincinnati (C-)

Getting WR depth is nice but this is a reach.

101. San Francisco 49ers: Cameron Latu- TE Alabama (F+)

Another reach and not a need either.

102. Minnesota Vikings: Mekhi Blackmon- CB USC (B+)

It’s a need and the value is good but Kelee Ringo was RIGHT THERE


103. New Orleans Saints: Nick Saldiveri- OT Old Dominion (C-)

It’s a need but this is also a reach so I don’t love it.

104. Las Vegas Raiders: Jakorian Bennett- CB Maryland (C)

Don’t love the value here although it’s a need. Kelee Ringo was RIGHT THERE

105. Philadelphia Eagles: Kelee Ringo- CB Georgia (A++)


106. Indianapolis Colts: Blake Freeland- OT BYU (C)

It’s a bit of a reach but they need OT although they passed on Dawand Jones.

107. New England Patriots- Jake Andrews– C Troy (D+)

It’s a major reach so I don’t really like it.

108. Seattle Seahawks: Anthony Bradford– IOL LSU (D+)

Guard depth in this draft is tight but this is a reach and Seattle could’ve taken Zavala here.

109. Houston Texans: Dylan Horton- EDGE TCU (D)

It’s a reach and this is an older prospect so I don’t really understand this

110. Indianapolis Colts: Adetomiwa Adebawore- DL Northwestern (A+)

He’ll probably play on the edge more here but they could use more edge rushers and the value here is great so I like the pick.

111. Cleveland Browns: Dawand Jones- OT Ohio State (A)

I was tempted to give this an A+ but because it’s not really a need I’ll settle at A. This is a huge steal at 111.

112. New York Jets: Chad Ryland- K Maryland (F)

Trading up for a kicker in the 4th is a head scratcher.

113. Atlanta Falcons: Clark Phillips- CB Utah (A+)

This is a need and it’s a huge steal. He’ll be in the slot and I really like him there.

114. Carolina Panthers: Chandler Zavala- OG NC State (B-)

Guard wasn’t a big nerd but I like the value here as he’s the best OG available

115. Chicago Bears: Roschon Johnson- RB Texas (A)

This is a need with Montgomery gone and this is good value although I had Zach Evans higher.

116. Green Bay Packers Packers: Colby Wooden- Edge Auburn (D)

Wooden was nice at the senior bowl playing more off the edge but I don’t know how much the packers needed one and this is a reach to me.

117. New England Patriots: Sidy Sow- OG Eastern Michigan (D+)

If he wasn’t so old I wouldn’t have hated this pick but he gives you depth in the interior I guess.

118. Washington Commanders: Braeden Daniels/ OL Utah (C-)

Gives you more depth but he needs to add some weight.

119. Kansas City Chiefs: Chamari Conner- DB Virginia Tech (C-)

Juan Thornhill replacement but it’s a reach.

120. New York Jets: Carter Warren- OT Pittsburgh (C-)

If he stays healthy it could be a better pick but

121. Jacksonville Jaguars: Ventrell Miller- LB Florida (F-)

There were too many LBs falling to justify reaching on a LB especially one so old. They also just took a LB round 1 last year.

122. Arizona Cardinals: Jon Gaines II- OG UCLA (B+)

Good value at a need. Arizona is really helping out Kyler this draft he’s gotta be happy.

123. Seattle Seahawks: Cameron Young- NT Mississippi State (F-)

This was a guy I didn’t even think would get drafted since he’s old and is a short yardage Guy exclusively. This is a major head scratcher.

124. Baltimore Ravens: Tavius Robinson- Edge Ole Miss (D-)

I think is the first miss Baltimore has had in the 4 years I’ve been doing Draft grades.

125. Los Angeles Chargers: Derrius Davis- WR TCU (D-)

He’s a speedy guy that’s good after the catch but he’s really small and is old.

126. Cleveland Browns: Isaiah McGuire- EDGE Missouri (B+)

This is a nice talent pick to add some depth at Edge

127. New Orleans Saints: Jake Haener- QB Fresno State (B+)

Good talent pick and they got a backup with upside as a starter if Carr goes down.

128. Los Angeles Rams: Stetson Bennett IV- QB Georgia (F)

Huge reach not a need when you have other needs to look at and there were some good

129. Dallas Cowboys: Villami Fehoko- Edge San Jose State (C+)

I don’t hate this pick from a needs standpoint but I think getting more of a run stopper like Ochaun Mathis.

130. Jacksonville Jaguars: Tyler Lacy- Edge Oklahoma State (C)

Speaking of a run stopper Jacksonville gets one here. I don’t hate it but there were some edge rushers I liked more like the aforementioned Ochaun Mathis.

131. Cincinnati: Charlie Jones- WR Purdue (B-)

This is solid value and some added depth at WR (which will be needed if Tee Higgins ends up leaving)

132. Pittsburgh Steelers: Nick Herbig- Edge/LB Wisconsin (A+)

Pittsburgh has done it again getting an absolute steal at a position of need, although Herbig is a bit of a tweener.

133. Chicago Bears: Tyler Scott- WR Cincinnati (C)

I would’ve liked to see them get some DBs or a TE here but this is fine value

134. Minnesota Vikings: Jay Ward- CB LSU (D)

Yea they needed a CB but Jay ward was not the guy to fill that need in my opinion.

135. Las Vegas Raiders: Aidan O’Connell- QB Purdue (C-)

They get a backup Qb which is nice but I liked other QBs here and think they could’ve looked other places.


From here on out I’ll just give out grades.

136. Jacksonville Jaguars: Yasir Abdullah- Edge Louisville (B+)

137. Washington Commanders: KJ Henry- Edge Clemson (A-)

138. Indianapolis Colts: Darius Rush- CB South Carolina (A-)

139. Arizona Cardinals: Clayton Tune- QB Houston (C)

140. Cleveland Browns: Dorian Thompson-Robinson- QB UCLA (C+)

141. Minnesota Vikings: Jaquelin Roy- IDL LSU (A)

142. Cleveland Browns: Cameron Mitchell- CB Northwestern (A)

143. New York Jets: Israel Abanikanda- RB Pittsburgh (B+)

144. New England Patriots: Atonio Mafi- OG UCLA (D+)

145. Carolina Panthers: Jammie Robinson- S FSU (A+)

146. New Orleans Saints: Jordan Howden- S Minnesota (F+)

147. Tennessee Titans: Josh Whyle- TE Cincinnati (D)

148. Chicago Bears: Noah Sewell- LB Oregon (A)

149. Green Bay Packers: Sean Clifford- QB Penn State (F-)

150. Buffalo Bills: Justin Shorter- WR Florida (C+)

151. Seattle Seahawks: Mike Morris- Edge Michigan (D+)

152. Detroit Lions: Colby Sorsdal- OT William&Mary (F-)

153. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: SirVocea Dennis- LB Pittsburgh (B-)

154. Seattle Seahawks: Olesegun Oluwatimi- C Michigan (A+)

155. San Francisco 49ers: Darrell Luter Jr- CB South Alabama (C-)

156. Los Angeles Chargers: Jordan McFadden- OT Clemson (C)

157. Baltimore Ravens: Kyu Blu Kelly- CB Stanford (C+)

158. Indianapolis Colts: Daniel Scott- S California (B)

159. Green Bay Packers: Dontayvion Wicks- WR Virginia (B+)

160. Jacksonville Jaguars: Antonio Johnson- S Texas A&M (A+)

161. Los Angeles Rams: Nick Hampton- Edge App State (D-)

162. Indianapolis Colts: Will Malory- TE Miami (C-)

163. Cincinnati Bengals: Chase Brown- RB Illinois (B+)

164. Minnesota Vikings: Jaren Hall- QB BYU (C-)

165. Chicago Bears: Terell Smith- CB Minnesota (D)

166. Kansas City Chiefs: BJ Thompson- Edge SF Austin (C-)

167. Houston Texans: Henry To’o’To’o- LB Alabama (B+)

168. Arizona Cardinals: Owen Pappoe- LB Auburn (A+)

169. Dallas Cowboys: Asim Richards- OT North Carolina (B+)

170. Las Vegas Raiders: Christopher Smith- S Georgia (B)

171. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Payne Durham- TE Purdue (D)

172. New York Giants: Eric Gray- RB Oklahoma (B-)

173. San Francisco 49ers: Robert Beal Jr: Edge Georgia (C-)

174. Los Angeles Rams: Warren McClendon- OT Georgia (C+)

175. Los Angeles Rams: Davis Allen- TE Clemson (B)

176. Indianapolis Colts: Evan Hall: RB Northwestern (C+)

177. Los Angeles Rams: Puka Nacua- WR BYU (C-)


178. Dallas Cowboys: Eric Scott Jr- CB Southern Miss (D)

179. Green Bay Packers: Karl Brooks- DL Bowling Green (A)

180. Arizona Cardinals: Kei’Trel Clark- CB Louisville

181. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Josh Hayes- CB Kansas State (D)

182. Las Angeles Rams: Tre’Vius Hodges-Tomlinson- CB (A)

183. Denver Broncos: JL Skinner- S Boise State (B+)

184. New York Jets: Zaire Barnes- LB Western Michigan (D)

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