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Laff's 2024 Mock Draft 2.0: Post-Combine

Mock 1.0 was a test run - no trades, no rumors, no metrics. Let's give this thing some life, shall we?

Prospects running around in spandex, showcasing that even being a one-of-one athlete sometimes won’t be enough to land on an NFL roster. Ah yes, the NFL Combine. It has come, and it has gone.

It has answered many questions, and it has raised many more.

Just how many wide receivers will go in the first round? Why does it feel like more and more 300+ pound linemen can run faster than it used to? How does Joe Milton III throw a football 80 yards so effortlessly???

In the first mock draft I released, we went with a no-trade format, which forced some teams into simply taking the best player available.

Let’s juice this draft up, using murmurs heard by reporters and teams around combine week, combine performances, and most important of all; my personal opinion with all things considered.

Let’s take a second look at the 1st round of the 2024 NFL Draft!

1.    Chicago Bears: Caleb Williams ~ QB, Southern California

Mock 1.0 pick: Same

Combine week came and went, and though there have been a few potential surprises: Williams not giving medicals OR testing, Chicago not finding a real market to trade Justin Fields, there has been no real shifting happening among the QBs. Yeah, it’s still Mr. Caleb.

2.    Washington Commanders: Jayden Daniels ~ QB, Louisiana State

Mock 1.0: Same

Washington did right by Sammy Howell this past season, but unfortunately for him, Daniels may just provide a ceiling that Howell won’t be able to achieve. After the immense senior season Daniels had, even though he didn’t perform at the combine, he’s my QB #2.

3.    New England Patriots: Drake Maye ~ QB, North Carolina

Mock 1.0 pick: Same

The QB run continues, as there have been no signs of Nw England actually trading out of this pick… yet. Mac Jones being dealt specifically to be a backup reflects where the 32 teams are at on New England's former franchise guy. Maye provides new-era Jerod Mayo with a QB that can keep the top off of defenses, and a guy that can make all the throws. Interviewed well, works hard. No-brainer QB #3 for me.

4.    Arizona Cardinals: Marvin Harrison Jr. ~ WR, Ohio State

Mock 1.0 pick: Same

Yes, I know, and I’m well aware that recent reports out of combine week are that we’ll see FOUR QBs in a row to start the draft. Unprecedented, yet not improbable at this point. But with that being said, I don’t see how Arizona can pass on such a generational X receiver like MHJ. Kyler Murray, MHJ, James Conner, Trey McBride: the Valley suddenly fields an offense fit to score points and take trips up and down the greenest hundred yards in the desert.

5.    *Minnesota Vikings! JJ McCarthy ~ QB, Michigan

Mock 1.0 pick: LA Chargers, Malik Nabers WR, Louisiana State

I personally couldn’t trade out of a pick for a talent as great as Nabers for a team with aging weapons and a 50-million-dollar QB the way the Chargers are. But alas. In this scenario, the way JJ McCarthy has risen up some teams’ draft boards, and the recent reports of Kirk Cousins being Atlanta-bound, the Vikings finally get to start fresh for Jettas. 

6.    New York Giants: Malik Nabers ~ WR, Louisiana State

Mock 1.0 pick: Rome Odunze, WR, Washington

New York still needs a new star. With Saquon officially off the roster, and all four first-round quarterbacks off the board, New York gets an electric piece for an offense in need of a jolt. They can look QB in free agency or Round 2, but Nabers is a need for New York.

7.    Tennessee Titans: Joe Alt ~ OT, Notre Dame

Mock 1.0 pick: Brock Bowers, TE, Georgia

Listen, I was team Bowers to Tennessee, but then I thought to myself…what’s the point of Bowers if Will Levis won’t be upright to find him? Enter Joe Alt, the best tackle prospect I’ve seen in recent memory. It will anchor Levis’ blindside, and give Tyjae Spears a new shield to jet behind.

8.    Atlanta Falcons: Rome Odunze ~ WR, Washington

Mock 1.0 pick: Laiatu Latu, EDGE, UCLA

From recent reports, Kirk Cousins looks to be the favorite to land in Atlanta, which frees Atlanta up to spend their free agency money on the defensive side of the ball. So, take another weapon to help take this offense over the absolute top. Kirk, Bijan Robinson, Drake London, Odunze, Kyle Pitts. My word.

9.    Chicago Bears: Brock Bowers ~ TE, Georgia

Mock 1.0 pick: Joe Alt, OT, Notre Dame

Here’s my thing: IF Chicago has Caleb Williams, and IF those top three WRs are gone… why not take the best tight end prospect of all-time? How often are teams able to potentially fast-track themselves to a Mahomes-Kelce level (bear with me) QB-TE duo in the matter of one and a half hours?

10. New York Jets: Olu Fashanu ~ OT, Penn State

Mock 1.0 pick: Same

Not really any debate here. Aaron Rodgers needs to be upright for NYJ to be able to truly succeed on offense as he turned 40 last season (and does not have Benjamin Button's disease) and is coming off of an Achilles tear. The Jets offensive line has been gutted, so this is a no-brainer.

11. *Los Angeles Chargers! Quinyon Mitchell ~ CB, Toledo

Mock 1.0 pick: Minnesota Vikings, Quinyon Mitchell, CB, Toledo

We had Minnesota taking Mitchell here in 1.0, but now LAC is here and… it shan’t change. The Chargers need a little botox done to the secondary, and Mitchell went scorched earth at the Combine.  

12. Denver Broncos: Dallas Turner ~ EDGE, Alabama

Mock 1.0 pick: JJ McCarthy, QB, Michigan

If all four QBs are gone, and Sean Payton chooses to stay in-house with Jarrett Stidham or a bridge QB for 2024, it’s hard to pass on a guy with an Alabama pedigree who backed up his tape with a great showing at the Combine.

13. Las Vegas Raiders: Taliese Fuaga ~ OT, Oregon State

Mock 1.0 pick: Same

Vegas is still in need of a strong anchor to begin the future of the offensive line, and to protect whoever Pierce and company choose to put at the helm for 2024. Olu Fashanu can be interchanged with Fuaga at 10 as well, as he had a stellar and well-rounded 2023 for Oregon State.

14. New Orleans Saints: Laiatu Latu ~ EDGE, UCLA

Mock 1.0 pick: J.C. Latham, OL, Alabama

We had the Saints insuring their offensive line and getting a sturdy protector for the next QB in the NOLA, and a shield of armor for the backfield duo of Alvin Kamara and Kendre Miller moving into 2024. But Latu is a high-level pass rusher, and Mickey Loomis' forever cash-strapped Saints need to find great, bargain talent at valuable positions.

15. Indianapolis Colts: Brian Thomas Jr. ~ WR, Louisiana State

Mock 1.0 pick: Same

Yes, I’m sticking to it. I get it, Jared Verse and Byron Murphy could also be great fits here as Indianapolis has Anthony Richardson to lead the charge for the future… but that’s also my point for BTJ. Why not optimize your elite young talents in AR5 and Michael Pittman Jr. by bringing in a third receiver, a big, go-get-it receiver? The shifty Josh Downs was one of the steals of the draft last year, and Pittman is currently playing on the franchise tag. BTJ fits the bill for fun, and for function in Indy.

16. Seattle Seahawks: Byron Murphy II ~ IDL, Texas

Mock 1.0 pick: Same

Seattle has Boye Mafe and Derick Hall to anchor the middle of the trenches, but Murphy II has the potential to become a genuine issue for interior offensive linemen in the pass rush. Jackson Powers-Johnson also fits, although he fits anywhere really.

17. Jacksonville Jaguars: Jackson Powers-Johnson ~ IOL, Oregon

Mock 1.0 pick: Same

Jacksonville's undoing last season ultimately came with that of Trevor Lawrence's health. It has to protect The Prince Who Was Promised at all costs, and the line needs to keep Etienne viable with enough time to cut the edge on a defense. JPJ is far and away my favorite interior lineman in this draft, and the Jags get an anchor.

18. Cincinnati Bengals: Amarius Mims ~ OT, Georgia

Mock 1.0 pick: Same

Mims was a highlight of Combine week; his sheer size next to reporters alone was hilarious. He’s a tower of terror, and Joe Burrow needs to be protected at all costs. It’s a match that makes too much sense to pass on for Cincy.

19. Los Angeles Rams: Nate Wiggins ~ DB, Clemson

Mock 1.0 pick: Terrion Arnold, CB, Alabama

We had the Rams going DB in 1.0, but now a small change. Terrion Arnold measured in really well also, and surely has an argument here, but Wiggins had a stellar Combine and proved his worth as an elite athlete for Sean McVay to jump at.

20. Pittsburgh Steelers: J.C. Latham ~ OL, Alabama

Mock 1.0 pick: Kool-Aid McKinstry, DB, Alabama

While I agree the Steelers still need help in the secondary, there are a few guys that I feel will be there in free agency and Round 2 that can help them out on the back end. Latham brings with him a ferocious attitude to protect whoever Tomlin and company choose to spearhead the offense under center.

21. Miami Dolphins: Jared Verse ~ EDGE, Florida State

Mock 1.0 pick: Troy Fautanu, OL, Washington

Miami still has some issues on the EDGE, and now with Christian Wilkins entering free agency, it’s time for Miami to address it with some youth. And what better place to start than with a heavily productive college career and good Combine testing. It’s a high value position that Verse helps Miami bolster.

22. Philadelphia Eagles: Chop Robinson ~ EDGE, Penn State

Mock 1.0 pick: Cooper DeJean, DB, Iowa

Chop. Chop. Chop. Chop Robinson absolutely showed out at the Combine, and gave every EDGE-needy team every right to call his name draft night. Philly needs to address receiver depth, but they can find it elsewhere in this deep class. The Haason Reddick/Josh Sweat reports that the Eagles are taking phone calls on both makes me curious, so keep it traditional on the East Coast: build through the trenches in the first round.

23. Houston Texans: Jer’Zhan Newton ~ IDL, Illinois

Mock 1.0 pick: Same

Newton had 15 sacks in 2023 for the Fighting Illini, and with GM Nick Caserio having built an elite young roster post-Watson trade, it’s time to fortify the defense. Newton is an incredible steal here at 23 in an offense-heavy top 15.

24. Dallas Cowboys: Troy Fautanu ~ OT, Washington

Mock 1.0 pick: Tyler Guyton, OT, Oklahoma

The Cowboys are still losing Tyron Smith, and require a quick solution to protect the soon-to-be (presumably) highest-paid player in the NFL. Fautanu showed out strongly at the Combine after being part of an award-winning college offensive line. Book it.

25. Green Bay Packers: Cooper DeJean ~ DB, Iowa

Mock 1.0 pick: Nate Wiggins, CB, Clemson

Green Bay is budding with playmakers on the offensive side of the ball, and they’re set at multiple spots on the defensive side of the ball… but DeJean is a guy who MAKES PLAYS. I have trouble assuming his role in the pros, which is why he is here at 25 for right now, but he can go anywhere after 13 for me, and well worth it.

26. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Zach Frazier ~ IOL, TCU

Mock 1.0 pick: Chop Robinson, EDGE, Penn State

I had Tampa Bay going with the freak of nature here in Chop Robinson in 1.0, but now that Mike Evans is re-signed and Tampa Bayker is back for 3 years, it would be wise to get new OC Liam Cohen a dog up front to protect that hundred million investment under center.

27. Arizona Cardinals: Terrion Arnold ~ CB, Alabama

Mock 1.0 pick: Kamari Lassiter, DB, Georgia

So Arizona gets the prodigal son at 4, as tempting as trading out of the spot will be. The potential core trio of Kyler Murray, Marvin Harrison Jr., and young phenom tight end Trey McBride just leaves too much potential not to take, so they'llam their first round by grabbing a high-level playmaker on the defensive side.

28. Buffalo Bills: Xavier Worthy ~ WR, Texas

Mock 1.0 pick: Troy Franklin, WR, Oregon

Stefon Diggs is the lone ranger now that Gabe Davis has left town (assumedly). General manager Brandon Beane has been teasing Buffalo finally going for help on the outside, so why not grab the fastest man in NFL Combine history? Worthy was a three-year producer at Texas, outshining fellow first-round talent, Adonai Mitchell in 2023. Josh Allen gets a new toy, Gabe Davis' vertical presence gets replaced and hopefully upgraded for the cheap, and maybe Joe Brady can utilize Worthy’s speed to breakthrough the ceiling of the AFC.

29. Detroit Lions: Kool-Aid McKinstry ~ CB, Alabama

Mock 1.0 pick: Zach Frazier, IOL, TCU

As much as I love the Zach Frazier pick, the DBs showed out at the Combine, and Detroit is in need of help in the secondary. One half of the best pairing in college football, McKinstry adds a certain level of play that begs the guys around him to elevate their game to keep up.

30. *Seattle Seahawks! Michael Penix Jr. ~ QB, Washington

Mock 1.0 pick: Baltimore Ravens – Jared Verse, EDGE, Florida State

The Seahawks send a cute little package of picks and maybe a player to get back into the first round. Seattle gets a young quarterback to begin molding with DK Metcalf and Jaxson Smith-Njigba as Mr. Lockett starts to age out, and Geno Smith’s time seems to be closing sooner than later. Trading back in and making this selection in the first round allows teams a fifth year (team option) on their rookie's contract. Quite valuable on prospective franchise QBs.

31. San Francisco 49ers: Graham Barton ~ OL, Duke

Mock 1.0 pick: Same

No need to change this one up. San Francisco still needs a bit of help, and while they may address that in free agency, Graham Barton is an almost immediate starter, and can learn until Trent Williams hangs it up, all the while producing in the interior for Shanahan.

32. Kansas City Chiefs: Adonai Mitchell ~ WR, Texas

Mock 1.0 pick: Xavier Worthy, WR, Texas

One Texas receiver out, another Texas receiver in. Pat Mahomes gets yet another malleable piece of clay to craft into beautiful pottery and put next to Rashee Rice and Travis Kelce in the showcase on his way to Canton. Adonai Mitchell is too big to move how he moves and to have the wiggle in his hips when finding separation, and KC hasn’t had that kind of guy on the flanks, well, ever really.

If you're reading this on March the 11th, the day of reckoning, the day the millions (AND millions) of dollars being spent in the name of the love of the game...god speed to you and your squads.

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