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  • Shane Dunn

Jamie Sullivan Thanks Everyone After Unified’s Big Win!

Yesterday I had the privilege of attending North Hunterdon’s Unified Basketball team take on the faculty and staff in a game for the ages. With nearly every seat taken and a loud and supportive crowd, the atmosphere and support was electric from the start. I had the honor of interviewing star member of the team Jamie Sullivan after her ten point performance in the team’s win.

Jamie, you were incredible tonight with your ten points, how do you feel after your big win?

“I feel happy and I hang out with my friend!”

What do you have to say about the section of fans you had in the crowd tonight?

“It makes me happy and my mom so happy, and she has work tomorrow, and I also got to hang out with Shane, he came. I’m so happy to see him”

To wrap it up, anything to say to all your fans?

“Thank you for everything! You did awesome.”

Jamie is a light and energy everyone should get the opportunity to meet, and she will be in this Sunday’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade!!! Thanks again to Jamie for the interview and congratulations to her and the entire team on an incredible season.

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