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  • Shane Dunn

Donte Divincenzo Changes Everything for New York

College teammates very rarely team up in the big leagues, but the Knicks are trying something we haven’t seen attempted many times before by signing Donte Divincenzo, pairing him with his Villanova teammates Josh Hart and Jalen Brunson. The last time all three players stepped on the court together, they were cutting down the nets and celebrating their National Championship, now they have a chance to do serious damage together in the NBA.

Donte Divincenzo was signed just a few hours ago by the New York Knicks on a four-year $50 million deal, making him one of the biggest free agency signings the Knicks have had since Julius Randle. Divincenzo is entering his sixth season this year and has shown glimpses of promise everywhere he has played. After winning an NBA championship with Giannis and the Bucks in only his third season, Donte saw his minutes get reduced and left for Sacramento. While in Sacramento he did put up 10 points per game as well as a career high 3.6 assists per game, but had his season end due to injury. This past season Divincenzo suited up for Golden State and was an incredibly solid role player averaging 9.4 points per game in just 26 minutes of action per night.

Besides showing glimpses and looking into the future, Divincenzo also just played in 72 games this past season, his most played in a season. This proves Divincenzo can be a reliable player on our team, finally figuring himself out after a few seasons were disrupted by injuries for him. If Divincenzo is given somewhere in the realm of thirty minutes per game alongside Jalen Brunson and company he could realistically put up anywhere between 10-13 points per game in New York.

New York has waited a long time to set up a team of this caliber, and fans have been begging for what feels like decades for them to make the right moves. After letting Derrick Rose go to Memphis and trading Obi Toppin to get more draft capitol, the Knicks finally feel like a team capable of making competent decisions year round. All of New York is excited to see how the Villanova boys do next season, and Divincenzo may just be that missing piece of the puzzle.

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