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2024 NFL Mock Draft 3.0

It’s Draftsmas Eve, boys and girls, and just like the night before Christmas, I’m shoveling cookies down my gullet. On the Roger Goodell Tracker tracking where all these beautiful gifts will be delivered around the country starting tomorrow night.

I don’t know about all of y’all, but every minute within 48 hours of the 1st pick going on the clock, my feet and palms sweat, I get weird cravings like I’m in a second trimester, and I can’t help but sing the “Sunday Night Football” theme on repeat…it’s not my fault, it’s simply the spirits of the Gods of football using my body to channel their energy for draft night.

The rumors are rumoring, the mocks are mocking, and we all scroll to gather as much information as we possibly can about it before inevitably making the wrong picks in our own mocks, and trying to backtrack the day after.

Well, I’m flag stamping this damned thing here in mock draft 3.0.

Curse my name and belittle my intelligence all you want, let’s get this thing going.

1. Chicago Bears: Caleb Williams, QB, USC

Mock 2.0: Same

It’s a done deal. If it isn’t, take me out back and do to me what they do to the pigs and cattle at the butchers. Stamped.

2. Washington Commanders: Jayden Daniels, QB, LSU

Mock 2.0: Same

I’ve felt pretty comfortable about this selection for a little over a month now. It’s tough for me, Drake Maye’s raw talent is almost overwhelming to pass up, but, I also understand believing he will need some hard coaching that may not be worth using the #2 pick on. Daniels comes in immediately with two elite traits, his deep ball and his legs. Washington’s new regime finally gets a jersey selling playmaker.

3. New England Patriots: Drake Maye, QB, North Carolina

Mock 2.0: Same

All reports are skewed on Minnesota; they won’t leave without a QB, they’re comfortable taking BPA at 11 and 23—I don’t know what to believe. But what I THINK? Minnesota has a superstar wide receiver waiting to see what your plan is at the QB position before he signs his deal, and getting aggressive to show him that they’re willing to get him the help he wants.

4. Arizona Cardinals: Marvin Harrison JR., WR, Ohio State

Mock 2.0: Same

Here’s the tea: MHJ is the best WR prospect of the last decade and a half, and Arizona, although holes needing to be filled, shouldn’t miss an opportunity like this for their offense. Harrison JR. is a key for their offense to be unlocked by, adding him to a core of Kyler Murray, James Conner, Trey McBride, and the plethora of speed they have in their WR room already.

5. *New York Jets: Malik Nabers, WR, LSU

Mock 2.0: Minnesota Vikings, JJ McCarthy, QB, Michigan

New York is a fun team, because their window is as finite as anyone’s. Rodgers will inevitably come to a halt soon enough, so while the defense is elite and LT is set for the window…why not go all out? Nabers is as good (or better) than MHJ, which yes, makes him a top five WR prospect of the past decade and a half, and good lord, can you imagine the headaches scheming for Wilson + Nabers?

*Trade between LAC and New York Jets

6. New York Giants: Rome Odunze, WR, Washington

Mock 2.0: Malik Nabers, WR, LSU

I understand the smoke around JJ McCarthy to New York is very, very hot. But, with that said, they do indeed have a 40 Million Dollar quarterback waiting for the call, and a guy like Bo Nix in round 2 makes more sense to me at cost. Odunze is an absolute dog with a full route tree and tremendous set of traits. NYG could finally get another showstopper on the outside.

7. Tennessee Titans: Joe Alt, T, Notre Dame

Mock 2.0: Same

Yeah, this one isn’t difficult for me at all. Joe Alt is a (I know, an overused word as of late) -generational- tackle prospect. Another NFL lineage child, Alt is the type of guy that would be a top five pick if everyone drafted the best player available. But, even better, young QB Will Levis and new rooms of weapons will have an anchor on the line.

8. Atlanta Falcons: Laiatu Latu, EDGE, UCLA

Mock 2.0: Rome Odunze, WR, Washington

It was Latu, then it wasn’t Latu, and now, it’s Latu again and forever. I understand theres multiple rumors swirling around Atlanta right now. Quarterback, trade out, receiver. There are options given the holes Atlanta needs to address sooner rather than later. But, Latu is an incredibly sound player off the EDGE, and was incredible at the combine given the whispers about his health concerns. He’s a stud that can help right away, and Atlanta can push for the South.

9. *Denver Broncos: JJ McCarthy, QB, Michigan

Mock 2.0: Chicago Bears, Brock Bowers, TE, Georgia

Sean Payton gets a kid whom he can mold; a prospect with some size questions, a very savvy way of operating on the move, a whippy arm within that 20 yard range, and a history of winning at a high level…sound kind of like a young kid Payton has coached before? Denver doesn’t have a plethora of weapons for JJ, but with Courtland Sutton still sitting in Denver with Javonte Williams and company, there’s something there.

Trade between Denver and Chicago

10. *Los Angeles Chargers: Taliese Fuaga, T, Oregon State

Mock 2.0: New York Jets, Olu Fashanu, OT, Penn State

The most likely scenario is that LAC sits at pick #5 and takes Joe Alt, but in this scenario, the Jets offer was too much for Harbaugh and company to pass up on, and they take a beast regardless there on the line to protect Justin Herbert and his big ol’ wallet.

*Trade between LAC and New York Jets

11. Minnesota Vikings: Michael Penix JR, QB, Washington

Mock 2.0: Los Angeles Chargers, Quinyon Mitchell, CB, Toledo

Hehehehehehe. Penix Jr. was always going to wiggle himself into the first round after he was able to throw in front of scouts as the process went along, and I’m going to be ecstatic to see him head to Minnesota to toss the pigskin around to Justin Jefferson, TJ Hockensen, Jordan Addison, and Aaron Jones. Minnesota could very well get aggressive tomorrow night, but, with that being said, in this case they take BPA at both first round picks.

12. *Chicago Bears: Dallas Turner, EDGE, Alabama

Mock 2.0: Denver Broncos, Same

Chicago could have tons of fun with their draft by trading up to surround Caleb Williams with a superteam of receivers. But, in this case, Denver offered too much with Patrick Surtain included to pass up in the first year of a title window. But, not all is lost, as they are still able to see a great EDGE prospect fall to them at pick #12. Turner is a prototypical EDGE in the pros, following the footsteps of 2023 DROTY Will Anderson as a first rounder from good ol’ Alabama

Trade between Denver and Chicago

13. Las Vegas Raiders: Quinyon Mitchell, CB, Toledo

Mock 2.0: Tailese Fuaga, T, Oregon State

Vegas has holes to fill, and QB is a huge question if you don’t believe in Aidan O’Connell much, but Vegas has other needs to fill, and Quinyon Mitchell has prototype cover corner written all over him. I don’t care that he went to Toledo, tools are tools and he’s got almost all of them.

14. *Philadelphia Eagles: Brock Bowers, TE, Georgia

Mock 2.0: Laiatu Latu, EDGE, UCLA

Philly Philly! Kellen Moore loves to run out of 2TE sets (top 10 the last three years), and Philly also, allegedly, is looking to add some kind of weapon to their offense. Now is this a bit aggressive? Yes. But, having two 2nd round picks this year, and a roster that doesn’t have many holes left to fill, Bowers is the kind of player that can put an offense over the top. It’s Howie Roseman, anything is possible.

Trade between New Orleans and Philadelphia

15. *San Francisco 49ers: Brian Thomas JR., WR, LSU

Mock 2.0: Indianapolis Colts, Same

@AllofMy9ersFriends…boom! I know, Aiyuk came out and said he just wants to get paid, allegedly. But, with Amon Ra signing a 4 year, 120+ million dollar deal today, the WR market ceiling has been broken through, and San Francisco may just not want to foot that bill. So, they send Aiyuk to Indianapolis for the 15th pick, and with it, they add an absolute boom or bust, gamebreaker kind of receiver in Brian Thomas Jr. and his 4.3 speed to take the top off of defenses.

Trade between SF and Indianapolis: Aiyuk for #15 +

16. Seattle Seahawks: Jackson Powers Johnson, IOL, Oregon

Mock 2.0: Byron Murphy II, IDL, Texas

Geno Smith is a really good thrower of a football when he’s upright, and JPJ is very good at not letting guys in the backfield. He’s aggressive, he plays mean, and he will clog up the budding depth of IDL guys in the league from getting to Smith. Seattle has weapons, they have an improving defense, so locking up the offensive line is paramount.

17. Jacksonville Jaguars: Cooper DeJean, DB, Iowa

Mock 2.0: Jackson Powers Johnson, IOL, Oregon

I think if for no injury, DeJean would be being talked about near the top 10 still. He’s a playmaker in the same vein as Kyle Hamilton and Brian Branch, not really needing a set position to be effective. Jacksonville would welcome the playmaking on the other side of the ball.

18. Cincinatti Bengals: Olu Fashanu, OT, Penn State

Mock 2.0: Amarius Mims, OT, Georgia

It was Amarius Mims, until it wasn’t. The top of this draft is going to get wonky, and things are going to happen fast, and for some odd reason, Olu may trickle down the board and land right in Cincinnati's lap at pick #18, protecting Burrow for years to come.

19. Los Angeles Rams: Terrion Arnold, DB, Alabama

Mock 2.0: Nate Wiggins, DB, Clemson

One thing I’ve always had happening here? LA takes a defensive back. It was speedster Nate Wiggins, but with Terrion Arnold on the board, how can you say no to a cover corner from the SEC? The Rams get a guy in the secondary that can make plays behind the high voltage defensive line.

20. Pittsburgh Steelers: Amarius Mims, OT, Georgia

Mock 2.0: J.C. Latham, OL, Alabama

Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh. It always feels like they pick players that resemble the city, hard. Amarius Mims, quite terrifyingly, is built like a tower with arms that can move at the speed limit of small town roads. Russell Wilson is new in town, and keeping him upright is paramount to get this offense going hotter than last season’s crew for Mike Tomlin.

21. Miami Dolphins: Jerzhann Newton, IDL, Illinois

Mock 2.0: Jared Verse, EDGE, Florida State

With Christian Wilkins exiting stage left, the Dolphins have a void on the defensive line, and this absolute monster of a man-boy is here to fill it. Johnny Newton was incredibly productive at Illinois, and there’s no reason stopping him from entering Miami and adding on to that production immediately.

22. *New Orleans Saints: J.C. Latham, OL, Alabama

Mock 2.0: Philadelphia Eagles, Chop Robinson, EDGE, Penn State

The man, the myth, the legend, who every time I imagine him in an NFL uniform, it’s New Orleans. Trevor Penning didn’t exactly work out as hoped, and although the Chargers have done due diligence on Latham, I think they ultimately opt for Taliese Fuaga, leaving Latham to fall to NOLA, like my dreams come true.

*Trade between New Orleans and Philadelphia

23. Minnesota Vikings: Chop Robinson, EDGE, Penn State

Mock 2.0: Houston Texans, Jer’Zhan Newton, IDL, Illinois

Minnesota added Greenard while they lost Danielle Hunter, they added Andrew Van Ginkel while they lost Marcus Davenport, they added ___ while they lost depth at the EDGE in DJ Wonnum…with having two first round picks, Minnesota can take the highest upside possible, and Chop is just that. He has a Danielle Hunter ceiling, and the sky is the limit.

24. Dallas Cowboys: Troy Fautanu, OT, Washington

Mock 2.0: Same

A tale as old as time, Dallas adding to the legacy of offensive line greatness. Fautanu is a do-it-all lineman who can spend time inside or outside on the line, and play aggressively and ferociously at any and all of them.

25. *Buffalo Bills: Xavier Worthy, WR, Texas

Mock 2.0: Green Bay Packers, Cooper DeJean, DB, Iowa

I can’t convince myself that Beane is actually going to go all the way up for an Odunze or Nabers, and while Brian Thomas Jr. is a possibility in the 15-20 range, I think Xavier Worthy has the skill and speed to help Josh Allen torture opposing defenses. The “fastest man in NFL history” has had great production in school, an early breakout, and outshined fellow first round possible WR, Adonai Mitchell.

Trade between Buffalo and Green Bay

26. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Kool Aid McKinstrey, DB, Alabama

Mock 2.0: Zach Frazier, IOL, TCU

With Carlton Davis leaving town, and Baker Mayfield is back with Mike Evans, locked in for another window, the Bucs need to add a playmaker on the defensive side of the ball with teams like Atlanta adding Kirk Cousins to elevate the offense. Kool Aid is that guy.

27. *Washington Commanders: Jared Verse, EDGE, Florida State

Mock 2.0: Terrion Arnold, DB, Alabama

Washington has six picks in the top 100, and three picks in the top 40. What happens here is they use their extra ammo to move up and join Minnesota as teams picking twice in the first round. Jared Verse had a very good college career, he’s a genuine top 15 guy in this draft, and here he is to steal at pick #27.

Trade between Washington and Arizona

28. *Green Bay Packers: Nate Wiggins, DB, Clemson

Mock 2.0: Buffalo BIlls, Xavier Worthy, WR, Oregon

Green Bay took the extra day two pick to let Buffalo assure themselves the burner, Xavier Worthy, at pick #25. Green Bay, in turn, gives themselves a battle hardened speed demon in the secondary, one that can make plays and add a jolt to this defense. The Packers aren’t many pieces away from stringing something major together, and beefing up the secondary is a good start.

*Trade between Green Bay and Buffalo

29. Detroit Lions: Graham Barton, IOL, Duke

Mock 2.0: Kool Aid McKinstrey, DB, Alabama

Graham Barton is a guy who can enter the league immediately and add depth to this amazing offensive line. He is a day one starter on the interior, and can absolutely slide to tackle if you needed him to. He’s a savvy, angry blocker. I like him.

30. Baltimore Ravens: Tyler Guyton, OT, Oklahoma

Mock 2.0: Seattle Seahawks, Michael Penix Jr., QB, Washington

Baltimore somehow turns everyone they draft into a viable starter in the NFL, so why not take another high potential lineman and develop him to continue the cycle. Guyton can come in and add to the line with Morgan Moses exiting stage left. They have to protect Lamar.

31. San Francisco 49ers: Jordan Morgan, OT, Arizona

Mock 2.0: Graham Barton, IOL, Duke

San Francisco made a splash trade earlier in this mock, sending away Aiyuk to refresh the WR room window financially, so here at pick #31, they take offensive line. With Trent Williams time sadly coming to an end here on his career soon enough, Morgan can learn under Williams tutelage, and eventually be a solid guy to replace down the line.

32. Kansas City Chiefs: Ladd McConkey, WR, Georgia

Mock 2.0: Adonai Mitchell, WR, Texas

Would they dare? On a roster that already has two very quarterback friendly receivers, would Kansas City forego taking a guy like Ennis Rakkestraw Jr. here to take another separator at the WR position? Ladd McConkey didn’t have a blazing college production profile, but the eyes don’t lie, and Ladd has many traits of a successful NFL wide receiver. He’s fun, and after a season like last where the Chiefs dealt with drop issues (still somehow winning a ring), and Kelce dwindling down on his battle with Father Time, Ladd can be the new security blanket in KC.

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