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2024 NFL Draft Scouting Report: WR Marvin Harrison Jr

Marvin Harrison Jr son of Hall of Famer Marvin Harrison looks to be the best player coming out of the 2024 NFL Draft


Age: 21

Weight: 205

Height: 6’4

Combine measurements: N/A


  • A rare blend of size, speed, and athleticism 

  • Ability to stack DBs in open space taking advantage of his powerful fast strides

  • Understands how to use his size (frame and length) and his physicality to win reps, win 50/50 balls also win and maintain leverage on routes and at the catch point

  • Possesses elite contact balance, flexibility, and body control. Even at the catch point, he is flexible enough to contort his body to adjust to the ball. 

  • His footwork is incredible, shows great foot speed, and is very twitchy as well is showing flexibility in the ankles making sharp smooth cuts and moves to throw DBs off 

  • Natural ability to find space and has a great feel for the field and open spaces and positioning he can put himself in better positions when difficult catches are required, adjusting when needed. 

  • YAC threat, a real threat after the run with his elusiveness and speed, powerful runner and strong attacker in space, elite vision to spot the space and viciously attack. Strength and balance make it tougher for defenders to bring him down.

  • Master manipulator, The uses of head fakes and eye manipulation, quick to asses leverage and blind spots, sharp awareness to locate and attack the DB blind spot

  • At the catch point, Marvin has strong hands and, a good grip to secure the ball at the catch point

  • Ability to explode going from 0-100 fast, accelerating and also decelerating within a split second 


  • Not really that big of a negative but minimal drops in 2023 - While not susceptible to dropped passes it is still something to note that his hands can often be played too wide. 

  • Average blocker, but his technique is not refined and is just pretty average

  • In 2022 Marvin was pretty good with RAC ability, nothing special but in 2023 his RAC ability flashed and looked a lot better.


Marvin Harrison Jr is without a doubt the best player in the draft if it was not for positional value. Marvin may be the most complete wide receiver in recent history and is the best since Ja’marr Chase, he can arguably be considered an even better prospect than Chase. Marvin often draws comparisons to AJ Green and Julio Jones but flashes traits from guys like Moss, Megatron, and Chase. We are looking at one of the most flawless prospects in recent memory after Chase. Marvin brings a lot to the table when we talk about being the best player, He is a strong, fast, and physical wide receiver, and he is an elite ball hawk with acrobatic-like contortion ability being able to turn his body to adjust to the ball being thrown he is a complete monster at the catch point with incredibly strong hands, great leaping ability he is hard guy to beat in the air to add to this his contact balance is elite and is just a tough guy to get off balance and unsettled. Marvin's route running is sharp and refined being a threat in route running is one thing but being a threat in the open field is another he has amazing spatial awareness and has a knack for exploiting defenders' blind spots.

2024 NFl Draft Prospect and consensus Wide Reciever 1 Marvin Harrison stats via PFF

Taking a look at this receiving depth chart we can see a total of 30 contested targets and 13 contested catches that’s 43% CTC% This is concerning but diving into the film this year there is noticeably a large volume of poorly thrown balls either due to timing, inaccuracy or being underthrown. It is worth noting the year before he was at a 60% CTC% We can also see how great he was on 20+ yard catches accumulating 598 yards and 62.5% REC%. It will be exciting and interesting to see where the unicorn receiver Marvin Harrison Jr goes, he does project to be a WR1 being the NO.1 option on the outside but does he have the versatility to take a few snaps in the slot and the move to the Z spot receiver.  

Floor - 2nd or 3rd option wide receiver / Tee Higgins 

Ceiling - Randy Moss/Calvin Johnson generational once-in-a-lifetime player

Realistic comp - Top 5-6 wide receivers in the league, franchise WR 

Player comp - Similar traits to AJ Green/Randy Moss/Chase/Julio Jones

Prospect Grade - A+

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JF1 could use talent like that if the NFL wants to compare him to other top qb's in the league.

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