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2024 NFL Draft Scouting Report: QB Drake Maye

Updated: Nov 15, 2023


Age: 21

Height: 6’4"

Weight: 230 lb

Combine Measurable: N/A


Elite arm. NFL-level arm capable of making NFL passes he can drive the ball down the field with ease.

Good athlete. Has enough speed and athleticism to move outside the pocket and run the ball downfield to make a play.

Prototypical size and traits at 6’4". Possesses the traits needed to be a modern mobile QB.

Has an every-throw repertoire. Able to throw outside the numbers and snare the ball through tight windows. Understands how to put exactly enough velocity and touch onto balls to fit them into high difficulty completions.

Effortless and quick release. Fluid in his hip rotation and very flexible.

Great mobility and foot-speed. Able to adjust his base on a per-situation basis when needing to make different throws.

Can make plays out of structure and maintains good velocity when throwing out of structure off-platform. Negatives

Footwork inconsistent. Happy feet and heel clicks, too much wasted movement and poor base.

Footwork can often default to a narrow base needing to adjust.

Decision making. Can show hesitance to make some throws, delaying the pass until windows close. Holding onto the ball too long also leads to sacks.

Decent reads, progressions, and field vision but still has plenty of growth needed. Tendency to stare down reads and throw to his first read.

Pocket presence and awareness. Can find himself going into bad situations, also down to footwork to avoid pressure.


Drake Maye's 2022 campaign really was a spectacle. Despite not having the best offensive line, he put up 4,321 yards, 38 touchdowns, and 7 interceptions and rushed for 698 yards with 7 more scores. In 2022, while being blitzed he completed 57% of his pass attempts. 186 attempts for 107 completions, to the tune of 1402 yards, 19 touchdowns, and just 2 interceptions. When under pressure, he was also sacked 41 times only gaining 980 yards.

Drake Maye's passing depth is incredible. He's completing a staggering 50% of his throws past 20+ yards. 85 attempted, 43 completed, 15 touchdowns, and 4 interceptions.

Maye did a lot of his damage between the numbers on the 0-10 and 10-20 yards passes. He's capable of slotting the ball into narrow, fleeting windows and driving the ball effortlessly down the field. He takes the check downs too, which is valuable awareness from such a dynamic player.

No doubt Drake Maye is QB2, and most likely a top 2-5 pick this year. In most classes he would be QB1, and if it was not for Caleb Williams he definitely would be QB1 this year too.

Despite the different styles of both Maye and Williams, the UNC QB has made his mark carving up defenses, inflicting damage in the deep and intermediate game. While he does not have the super elite arm of Williams, Maye has made a name for himself with the pocket passing, being an accurate and instinctive passer - as well as his ability to throw off platform both inside the pocket and out of structure.

Drake Maye possesses the necessary tools and traits to excel in the NFL. His elite arm and pass accuracy along with his mobility and ability to create plays with his legs shows how versatile and how much of a dual threat he can be. Maye is capable of making NFL throws on all 3 levels. He understands how to control his passes and put enough velocity and touch on the ball to get the ball into tight coverages while avoiding harm's way; he takes calculated risks showing great anticipation. He can also take the easy read with what the defense gives him. While Maye at times handles pressure and blitzes pretty well, I do feel he can improve his pocket presence in order to avoid some sacks. He will also need to work on his footwork when in the pocket, and light throwing adjustments in the vein of mechanical consistency will benefit him a lot.

Floor - Starting NFL QB on a tanking team

Ceiling - All time Franchise QB

Realistic comp - Elite QB with a chance of being top 10 in the league right now

Player comp - Mix of Justin Herbert and Trevor Lawrence

Prospect grade - A+

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