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2024 NFL Draft Scouting Report: QB Cam Ward


Age: 21

Weight: 223lbs

Height: 6ft2

Combine measurements: N/A


  • Young impactful QB - Only 21 years old (born in May) he dominated the FCS level at Incarnate Ward putting up 4.6k yards 47 Tocuhdowns and 10 interceptions with a 65% pass comp% before making the move to Washington State 

  • Fast release - No wasted movement, no long load up time. 

  • Arm angle manipulation - Can throw just about at any angle, arm flexibility is off the charts it helps with throwing at all sorts of angles 

  • NFL arm talent - Has an incredibly strong arm with insane velocity, can really put zip on the ball to slot it in tight spaces, can move the ball from the hash to the opposite sideline with ease 

  • Ball placement ability - Has shown ability to accurately slot balls into tight windows with great touch and zip 

  • Creativity and pocket ability - Creative playmaker who can extend plays and avoid sacks and stay in the pocket to make a play, great athlete putting pressure on defenders by using his legs too

  • IQ, schemes and decision making upside - Cam ward has shown the ability to make smart choices, executing the schemes with ease, he can take what the defense gives him or can extend plays has the arm and legs to do so


  • Less than ideal size and frame - durability may be a concern

  • Inconsistency with overall game - As previously noted, the highs are eye-popping while the lows can be VERY low. Furthermore, his decision-making is a bit inconsistent and can slip. Much like the rest of Cam's game, his anticipation when throwing downfield can also be inconsistent at times.

  • Ball security - Doesn't secure the ball well while in the pocket and also while scrambling, needs to clean this up, or may fumble a lot in the NFL

  • Holding ball too long - Can be caught holding the ball a bit too long this could be down to the Wide Receivers and OLine but nonetheless not a good habit to keep in the NFL. 

  • Footwork and pocket awareness and decision making - Cam Ward can be found to have good pocket awareness at times but again can be inconsistent, sometimes finds himself dropping too far back and not stepping up to make a throw. Lapses in decision making it can run hot but sometimes can run cold.


Cam Ward has the potential to be an insane baller and when he’s hot the highs are high look at the Oregon State game, his best performance putting up 400 yards and 4 touchdowns he even bounced back after a while putting up 438 yards against ranked Oregon. Ward's development from Incarnate Ward to WSU has been positive taking each week as it comes and showing small signs of improvement. Let us take a look at some clips from the Oregon game.

Here is Cam Ward with an absolute dime, drop is perfectly. Williams superb job at securing the ball getting his feet in bound too.

Ball from Ward may be a tiny bit off but was not horrible he put the ball somewhere his wide receiver had a chance to win, not over or under thrown. Victor does a great job at adjusting and picking up extra yards.

Cam Ward avoiding pressure, on the move throws an absolute dot, Does a good job keeping his head up spotting Williams coming across the field.

Something that can often happen is Cam Ward indecisiveness and decision making. The play DID NOT result in a touchdown, but you can see he hesitated to run here.

Cam Ward's tape is littered with moments of wanting to be a pocket-passing playmaker but sometimes this can lead to bad decisions and holding the ball too long. Cam Ward will need to be faster with decision-making and stop second-guessing himself, Ward is a dynamic runner and has proven it. Ward is a rough-edged prospect he is incredibly raw but I am buying into the upside he has shown some elite traits and abilities and all these things are coachable apart from the size issue. He will need to sit for a few years before becoming a starter at this current moment in time I believe he is a day 2 pick but expect him to have a lot of hype around his name and he deserves it.

Floor - backup QB

Ceiling - high end QB being top 10-15 range, All pro and pro bowl selections 

Realistic comp - bench QB for a few years before being a full time productive starter

Player comp - Shades of Bryce Young and Caleb Williams and Russell Wilson. Arm flexibility like Mahomes, Lamar and Allen.

Prospect Grade - B+/A-

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