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2024 NFL Draft Scouting Report: QB Caleb Williams


Age: 22

Weight: 215 lb.

Height: 6'1"

Combine measurements: N/A


Generational arm talent.

Caleb can make every NFL throw, a literal cannon for an arm.

Excellent playmaker. 

Able to create plays out of structure.

Manipulates defenders.

Reads the defenders and throws the ball with great accuracy, velocity, and anticipation to find his WRs. Consistently puts them in advantageous spots for yards after the catch.

Spectacular off platform throws.

Mahomes-esque throws demonstrate impressive arm and release mechanics.

Overall elite accuracy both on the run and standing in the pocket.

Excellent timing and anticipation on short and intermediate routes.

Generates velocity effortlessly on the ball.

Maneuverability in the pocket is good.

Keeps eyes downfield while moving in the pocket.

Dual threat QB.

Great scrambler, great athlete. Very quick QB.


6'1" and maybe even 6'0"

Has less than ideal size at QB compared to those in the league and his peer Drake Maye.

Timing within the offense could be better.

This could come down to the Trojans offensive line being subpar and his desire to extend plays.

Footwork inconsistent.

Throwing base can be a little bad. He also tends to get happy feet, breaking the pocket too early. His arm often covers up for the bad footwork and base, possibly leaving bad habits unchecked.

Ball security.

Tends to be loose with the ball. Needs to do a better job at protecting it.


USC and Lincoln Riley's system is quite simplistic and predominantly favors one-read concepts.


Caleb Williams should 100% be drafted first overall.

It is a toss-up between Drake Maye and Williams, however the traits Caleb posseses with this arm talent outweigh the negatives.

I mentioned how his base and footwork is not clean at times and can be concerning, however, when you watch him throw with the bad base and that bad footwork he still effortlessly gets a great combination of velocity and touch on the ball. Zipping the ball down the field to his receivers, he can read + manipulate defenders and his anticipation for his guys is top tier. Putting this all together gives you one heck of a QB, despite the lower-half mechanics.

Caleb's traits are just overwhelming and hard to ignore; his highlights consistent of him throwing deep balls off-platform and creating out of structure. And while that is all fascinating, Caleb also has the wherewithal to checkdown the ball and be smart. He has incredible passing ability on short and intermediate throws. The deep balls are attractive, but Caleb is intelligent and talented enough to make the correct throws and reads when needed.

Breaking down his 2022 Heisman year, when under pressure Caleb Williams threw for 1,122 yards while completing 51% of his passes (67 for 131). 14 TDs to 0 INTs should also be noted. His time to throw under pressure was 4.62 seconds. Let's take a look at his passing depth for 2022.

Caleb loves the deep right third of the field, 20+ yards. He racked up 1,380 yards just on his deep balls. Caleb also dominated between the numbers. He dominates and owns the RPO plays, too. Despite the USC and Lincoln Riley system, I have full faith in Caleb Williams. The freshly 22 year old (November 18, 2001) brings a synergy of remarkable football IQ and a generational arm to bring out the most in his game. Williams is destined for a good NFL career, depending on his situation and how quick he can adapt to the game.

Floor - NFL starter on a tanking team

Ceiling - All-timer, franchise QB

Realistic comp - Elite QB ending up top 5 or top 10 in current NFL

Player comp - Shorter, less complete Mahomes / Has shades of Josh Allen escapability and dealing damage to defenses

Prospect Grade - A+

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