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2023 NFL Draft: Big Board 2.0

So I was a little late on the board, sorry about that. I decided to do a top 150 board instead of group 100 and I will give grades for each pick in the draft as they happen.

1. Will Anderson Jr: EDGE Alabama

Anderson tested very well and I see no reason to change my ranking for him.

2. Bryce Young: QB Alabama

No, I do not care that Bryce Young is 5’10. His small frame could lead him to being injury prone but I think he’ll be fine and will very likely be a franchise QB.

3. Jalen Carter: IDL Georgia

Now while Carter is somewhat facing legal issues and didn’t test at the combine and had a concerning Pro Day. He was consistently great all year and clearly has traits to make him an elite player in the NFL but He’s done enough this offseason to raise serious questions.

4. CJ Stroud: QB Ohio State

Stroud did great at the combine but sadly I don’t put much weight into on field drills at the combine (especially for QBs unless you’re doing bad) so it doesn’t effect his ranking enough to put him over Young.

5. Paris Johnson Jr: OT Ohio State

Paris Johnson didn’t do much testing but he does have the second longest arms in the draft class and is athletic for an OT. He did nothing that wasn’t positive at the combine and is easily OT1 for me.

6.  Myles Murphy: EDGE Clemson

Murphy ended up testing at his pro day and was unsurprisingly great. He’s got great athletic tools and will be a quality run stopper from the jump with strong versatility.

7. Tyree Wilson: EDGE Texas Tech

I wrote an article on Tyree Wilson which you should read but all you need to know is that he’s huge and doesn’t know how to squeeze a down block (he’s also pretty good at pass rushing)

8. Bijan Robinson: RB Texas

No I don’t care that he’s a RB he’s by far the best RB in the class and one of the best we’ve seen in a while. You might not want him in the top 10 or even top 15 if you are rebuilding and have a lot of holes to fill but a good team that has a high pick should 100% consider drafting him (looking at you Philly)

9. Bryan Bresee: IDL Clemson

He’s a little light but the speed and quickness Bresee has is unmatched for an IDL and he will be a real problem in the Passing game while being solid in the run game.

10. Jordan Addison: WR USC

He didn’t test great at the combine and proday and I wish he would’ve weighed more but I think he’ll be fine in the NFL due to how good his route running and hands are.

11. Jaxon Smith-Njigba: WR Ohio State

He obviously had great agility numbers but i though his 10yd split would be a lot higher and his 40 would be slower which shocked me.

12. Broderick Jones: OT Georgia

He’s huge he’s athletic and he does everything. What else can you ask from him other than to get a little stronger and improve his hands?

13. Peter Skoronski: OT Northwestern

Yea his arms are a little short and he isn’t the best athlete but he’s strong a great anchor and won’t get pushed back by anyone.

14. Quentin Johnston: WR TCU

Quentin Johnston is HUGE for a WR at 6’3 210 with pterodactyl arms. He’s also got good speed and is a legit deep threat although he really needs to improve his hands.

15. Joey Porter Jr: CB Penn State

Joey Porter Jr is not a LB like his father but he sure pretends to be when he’s in press coverage. He’s also built like one and is a great run stopper.

16. Kelee Ringo: CB Georgia

If you’re a WR, chances are that Kelee Ringo is: bigger than you, faster than you, and stronger than you. At 6’2 210 with a 4.36 40 you don’t get a much better physical profile than that, and he combines it with great tackling form good instincts in the run game and some of the best physicality in the class. Oh and did I mention he’s not even old enough to drink yet?

17. Christian Gonzalez: CB Oregon

He’s a little smaller than Ringo and Porter and not as disruptive in the run game but Christian Gonzalez is just as much of a coverage guy if not better and I wouldn’t be mad if he was your CB1.

18. Nolan Smith: EDGE Georgia

He really showed out at the combine but he’s really skinny for an edge rusher has injury concerns and I’m not completely sold on him in the run game (although he is promising as a squeezer).

19. Devon Witherspoon: CB Illinois

I put Witherspoon here at 19 reluctantly with how small he is (5’11 181lbs) but he’s very athletic very physical and has great ball skills so he may still have a chance to be a high level cb. Although he may have to move to slot.

20. Trenton Simpson: Everything Clemson

Trenton Simpson is pretty much your dream LB if you’re a DC. he’s a tad smaller than you’d like for the ideal LB at about 6’2 230 but he’s fast strong has good instincts can play LB, Slot, or come off the edge. He’s as well rounded as they come.

21 Darnell Washington: TE Georgia

He has the size of a LT (a little light at 265lbs but he’s 6’7 with 34” arms) and he has the speed of a WR with a 4.64 40 and 1.61 10yd split. Has a bit of a hands issue but he’s is a PROBLEM after the catch and is a 6th blocker.

22. Dawand Jones: OT Ohio State

They don’t call him big Thanos for no reason. Jones is 6’8 375 with almost 37(!) inch arms. He’s an immovable object that pancakes pass rushers with ease although his lack of athleticism can hurt him in the run game. He’s pretty much stuck with base blocks and downs blocks but don’t expect him to get upfield.

23. Josh Downs: WR North Carolina

He does a lot of very good things for you and is great after the catch but he is probably stuck in a slot role

24. Zay Flowers: WR Boston College

Another small ACC WR. I like him more as a route runner but he’s also smaller than downs is.

25. Jahmyr Gibbs: RB Alabama

Gibbs is your modern day RB. He may not be a guy you want to have 3 yards and a pile of dust with but he hits the outside like no other, is a great receiver and can even return kicks if that’s not enough for you.

26. BJ Ojulari: EDGE LSU

I am a man that loves those who squeeze down blocks, and boy does BJ Ojulari do that. He’s also extremely athletic and has 34” arms although he’s only 6’2 250. He isn’t very strong either.

27. Jack Campbell: LB Iowa

Jack Campbell may have been the biggest Combine winner this year and he was also great on tape. I love him in the run game and he’s a solid coverage guy as well.

28. Michael Mayer: TE Notre Dame

Nice size. Doesn’t have game changing athleticism but solid hands good after the catch and great ball skills.

29. Dalton Kincaid: TE Utah

Mormon Michael Mayer.

30. Anthony Richardson: QB Florida

THE Boom or Bust of this draft. He’s either gonna be the best offensive player in the class or he’s gonna be one of the reason your Team’s entire FO got fired.

31. O’Cyrus Torrence: OG Florida

He’s an elite passer blocker solid run blocker but he’s slow and already 23 years old

32. John Michael Schmitz: C Minnesota

He’s an elite run blocker good pass blocker but he’s slower and already 24 years old.

33. Calijah Kancy: DL Pittsburgh

This is a really interesting prospect. He’s 6’1 280 with 30 and a half inch arms but he is an insane athlete (4.67 40 yard dash). He’s good with his hands and is insanely quick but he’s weak and small so it’s easy to push him around. He’s yet another boom or bust prospect in this class.

34. Eli Ricks: CB Alabama

Now Ricks has the physical traits you want from Witherspoon but he missed a lot of time in college has major tackling issues and isn’t a threat in the run game very much, BUT he is absolutely amazing in Coverage and is not someone you’re going to throw to.

35. Cam Smith: CB South Carolina

Elite athlete great in man coverage but he’s old and has an injury history.

36. Drew Sanders: Edge/LB Arkansas

He is at risk of being a tweener but he can do anything you need and brings some nice versatility to your team

37. Anton Harrison: OT Oklahoma

He’s very inconsistent as a run blocker but he’s got great IQ and a very good pass blocker that’s only 21 years old. Sounds good to me.

38. Darnell Wright: OT Tennessee

If you need pass blocking look no further. Won’t get much else though.

39. Keion White: DL Georgia Tech

Keion white is really old but he might be the best run stopper in this class. He’s inconsistent as a pass rusher but he’ll be versatile on the DL.

40. Deonte Banks: CB Maryland

He tested REALLY well at the combine but he’s also a little raw still despite being a Red shirt junior and I don’t like him as a run defender. Very handsy too

41. Lukas Van Ness: EDGE Iowa

He’s got potential and is young so I can understand some of the hype but he really struggled against Ohio state and Michigan which concerns me. He isn’t very strong and doesn’t have much variety in his pass rush game.

42. Luke Musgrave: TE Oregon State

He tested well at the combine and did well in the senior bowl for the most part but he doesn’t have much college production and is a questionable run blocker and route runner.

43. Will McDonald IV: EDGE Iowa State

He’s old and skinny but he’s one of the most athletic edge rushers in the class and a solid run defender.

44. Mazi Smith: IDL Michigan

Mazi smith is really really strong and has great hands. He’s a force in the run game and I don’t think he’s a terrible pass rusher (better than another IDL you’ll see later down the list)

45. Will Levis: QB Kentucky

Levis Ticks off all the physical boxes but he’s not very accurate and I didn’t like his decision making. His athleticism is intriguing and he has a cannon

46. Felix Anudike-Uzomah: EDGE Kansas State

I love him In the run game but he’s a suspect pass rusher

47. Adetomiwa Adebawore: EDGE Northwestern

He wrecks havoc in the run game and is a freak athlete but he doesn’t seem like a great pass rusher to me and I question his ability to play inside.

48. Brian Branch: DB Alabama

He’s a little small and struggles in man coverage but he’s an elite run stopper and has immaculate tackling form. Is more of a slot CB in the NFL but can occasionally come in and run support from the box.

49. Sam LaPorta: TE Iowa

Doesn’t have the hands or contested catch ability of the top end TEs in this class but he’s just as good after the catch and gets open well. Been carrying an abysmal Iowa offense for 2 years now.

50. Julius Brents: CB Kansas State

You wanna talk about a freak athlete? 6’2 200lbs 34 inch arms 4.53 40 1.57 10yd split 41.5 inch Vert 4.05 20 yard shuttle and a 6.63 3 Cone. He’s also a well rounded CB that can contribute in the run very well.

51. Clark Phillips III: CB Utah

I don’t care that he’s 5’8. I don’t care that he ran a 4.5. Sometimes a player just has that dawg in him and Clark Phillips is that player. I will not elaborate

52. Byron Young: EDGE Tennessee

He’s very old but he’s also very good and a solid all around player

53. Jaylon Jones: CB Texas A&M

I love me some CBS that stop the run and oh boy does Jones do that. He’s also huge at 6’2 200 and is really physical although doesn’t have the top end speed to consistently play in man coverage.

54. Antonio Johnson: S Texas A&M

Has good size and speed. Solid run stopper with ability to play in the slot and at safety (and even in the box depending on the formation) he’s a good run stopper but is a questionable coverage guy.

55. Rashee Rice: WR SMU

Great route runner good after the catch not a great athlete and he has a drops issue. has good size and I Liked him at the senior bowl. too.

56. Marvin Mims Jr: WR Oklahoma

Mims may be the fastest WR in the class and will make guys miss but he can get beat off the line in presses and he has a bit of a hands issue

57. Tank Dell: WR Houston

His 40 time wasn’t great and he’s pretty small at 5’8 165 but he’s very shifty and will be a problem shaking guys.

58. Emmanuel Forbes: CB Mississippi State

Forbes is weird. He’s small but long and has very good athleticism but I don’t see him being a factor in the fun game at all.

59. Noah Sewell: LB Oregon

I want to see him improve more in zone coverage but Sewell is a great run stopper that did great at the combine. He’s also very young (not 21 yet)

60. Isaiah Foskey: EDGE Notre Dame

He’s big he’s fast and he can squeeze a down block

61. Olusegun Oluwatimi: C Michigan

If he wasn’t about to turn 24 he’d be a first round talent. He’s such a clean pass blocker and is a fine run blocker and if you need a Center and you’re in win now mood he’s a must have.

62. Derick Hall: EDGE Auburn

Derick hall is a force in the pass rush game but I wish he was a little bigger and was better in the run game.

63. Jalin Hyatt: WR Tennessee

Hyatt has burners for sure but despite that he gets beat off the line on press relatively easily and he has a pretty limited route tree.

64. Sydney Brown: S Illinois

Jack of all trades, Master of none. Is also 23 years old.

65. Cedric Tillman: WR Tennessee

He’s big with solid hands and great ball skills and I like him as a red zone threat

66. Kayshon Boutte: WR LSU

I want to believe in Kayshon Boutte. I want to say he’s WR4 and will return and build off of that 2020 form but there’s ALOT of issues with him on and off the field that could warrant being lower on him but if he can get it together he’ll be a great WR in this league.

67. Tuli Tuipulotu: DL USC

He’s small but he’s great with his hands and is really young. He’s got a lot of potential and could be a decent edge rusher.

68. Keeanu Benton: IDL Wisconsin

Benton has good size and athleticism and I like him as a pass rusher off the interior but he’s pretty inconsistent and despite his combo of of size and athleticism he’s not that good in the run game.

69. Daiyan Henley: LB Washington State

Henley is an old guy but despite being relatively new to the position he’s got decent instincts in the run game and is good in the open field. He needs to get better in zone coverage but he’s a good enough athlete to take a risk on in the early third.

70. Zach Charbonnet: RB UCLA

Think he could be a better receiving back but I really like him as a rusher. He doesn’t have elite breakaway speed but has enough that he can make big runs if he gets past the second level which he can do. He’s good at breaking tackles but he’s not elite at making guys miss.

71. Cody Mauch: OL North Dakota State

Mauch is raw but he’s already a very good run blocker and isn’t a liability as a pass blocker with elite athleticism for a 6’5 305 OT. He’s one of the oldest players in the class which is a major downside especially when he’s still learning the position.

72. Tyjae Spears: RB Tulane

Tyjae Spears may not have done drills at the combine but he is blazing fast and spent all year burning defenses. He’s a little old (almost 22) but he will be an instant contributor at RB

73. Matthew Bergeron: OT Syracuse

He’s not very good in the run game but he is a true anchor in the pass blocking game.

74. Moro Ojomo: IDL Texas

He’s not the biggest (6’2 290) but he has 34” arms and has an insane first step (his 1.68 10yd split was .04 seconds slower than Calijah Kancey’s) he’s giving you a lot as a pass rusher although he’s a middling run stopper at best.

75. DeMarvion Overshown: LB Texas

Versatility is the name with Overshown. He played over 100 snaps at slot edge and LB this year but he’s also a former safety and if he can get more refined at safety he becomes a dream chess piece to have, which he has the athleticism to be.

76. DeMarcco Hellams: DB Alabama

He’ll be 23 by the start of the year, but DeMarcco Hellams can be a solid chess piece played all across the field for a DC at 6’1 205 (if he can put on some weight and keep this level of athleticism that’s even better).

77. Jammie Robinson: S Florida State

Robinson had a bad Combine but he showed out at the senior bowl and has good instincts that could potentially make up for his lack of size.

78. Siaka Ika: IDL Baylor

Ika is arguably the best run stopper in the class, but he is an abysmal pass rusher and I doubt he is an every down DL.

79. Michael Wilson: WR Stanford

I don’t know if any skill guy has done a better job of skyrocketing their stock in the offseason than Michael Wilson. He can do so much for an offense.

80. Owen Pappoe: LB Auburn

Owen Pappoe is a mega athlete that doesn’t miss tackles (at least not this year). He’s got solid zone coverage abilities and he is great at getting off of blocks.

81. Zach Harrison: EDGE Ohio State

Zach Harrison is up there for the biggest edge rusher in the draft at 6’5 275 with 36 inch arms (that’s about the same length as Paris Johnson and Dawand jones’ arm). He’s also a very good athlete for his size and is a monster in the run game.

82. Steve Avila: IOL TCU

He gives you a lot of versatility across the line and is a solid run defender with good IQ but he’s 23 years old already and I question his ability in the passing game

83. Darius Rush: CB South Carolina

You know the deal by now. Big athletic solid instincts but he can’t stop the run and is old.

84. Zacch Pickens: IDL South Carolina

A little small for a DT at 291 but he has incredibly long arms and great burst to make up for it.

85. Riley Moss: CB Iowa

If Riley Moss wasn’t 23 years old and was a little bigger he’d be at or near my first round but he’s really good in coverage and against the run and a good athlete as well and I think he could be a really good slot corner.

86. Cameron Mitchell: CB Northwestern

Another guy that is a bit small but his arm length is fine and he’s great in man coverage. He’s a solid contributor in the run game too.

87. Tucker Kraft: TE South Dakota State

Has a good athletic profile (although he seems slower on film than he tested), but he’s not a very good blocker and I don’t like him as a route runner either. Has good hands and is a force after the catch which could make him a solid TE. He was used in a lot of places at SDSU but I think he’s more of a TE at the NFL (maybe he can still play FB/wing)

88. AT Perry: WR Wake Forest

AT Perry is going to be a problem in the NFL. He’s 6’3 200LBs has 33 inch arms a 35 inch Vert and great ball skills. Did I also mention he ran a 4.47 40? He checks every physical trait but needs some polishing as a route runner and is old.

89. Zach Evans: RB Ole Miss

Blazing fast and will make guys miss. Not a receiver and has issues with vision.

90. Tyrique Stevenson: CB Miami (FL)

Now I won’t lie to you, I haven’t watched much film on Tyrique Stevenson. Based off some data and the little film we have of Stevenson, I don’t hate him but he’s not as good as some of the top end CBs.

91. Jordan Battle: S Alabama

Just a solid deep safety that can come down and fill the lane against the run. Your old head coaches will love Jordan Battle. He’s got goof size but he’s not the best athlete. Very technically sound and Battle’s got great tackling form.

92. Nick Herbig: EDGE/LB Wisconsin

Herbig played mostly off the edge at Wisconsin but he’s not big enough to be an everydown edge. He is good enough in coverage to play off ball LB but he is a bit of a tweener.

93. Tank Bigsby: RB Auburn

Bigsby is up there for the best pure runner in the class but he’s not remotely a threat as a receiver (although Auburn tried to make him one).

94. Israel Abanikanda: RB Pittsburgh

He’s young big and is blazing fast but he could get a little better at breaking tackles (especially if he’s not in the open field).

95. Jonathan Mingo: WR Ole Miss

No he is not related to Barkevious Mingo, but he’s an amazing athlete like him and popped off at the senior bowl.

96. KJ Henry: Edge Clemson

You’re gonna notice a theme with these late day 2 guys which is they’re all high floor guys that are old. KJ Henry is a great example of this. He’s super athletic and an amazing pass rusher but he’s 24 years old which makes it hard to justify taking him very high especially when he’s a mediocre run stopper at best.

97. Joe Tippmann: C Wisconsin

I didn’t really like him in the pass game and think he can be a bit late on his blitz pickups but Tippmann is great at getting down field and is one of the best pullers in the draft

98. Andre Carter II: Edge Army

He’s strong but not a great athlete and he’s really inconsistent in the run game but he’s got a good enough first step and long enough arms to be solid in the passing game.

99. Jaquelin Roy: IDL LSU

He didn’t test very well athletically but he plays faster than his times. He’s got good size and DT and is a force in the run game, although he needs to work on his pass rush moves.

100. Roschon Johnson: RB Texas

I really like Johnson. He’s a physical RB and is hard to tackle but he’s also able to run routes and even lined up out wide a lit

101. Dorian Williams: LB Tulane

If you need a coverage LB near the end of day 2 look no further than Dorian Williams who is one of the best coverage LBs in the class, he won’t provide much as a run stopper but he’s good in the open field.

102. Devon Achane: RB Texas A&M

He’s small and goes down easily but you have to hit him for him to go down and it’s really hard to hit him.

103. DJ Johnson: Edge Oregon

You knew it was coming eventually. DJ Johnson is MY GUY in the 2023 draft. He gives such a good combination of everything you want from an edge rusher. I could go on and on about how much I like Johnson but I will just link this article I made about him instead

104. Luke Wypler: C Ohio State

He’s a good athlete and is young which is nice but I don’t trust him in a 1v1 situation because he isn’t very big or strong. I like him getting up field.

105. Hendon Hooker: QB Tennessee

Hendon Hooker is coming off an ACL Tear, has no pocket presence and is really really old, BUT he is really accurate and has a nice deep ball.

106. Jake Haener: QB Fresno State

Haener is smart tough accurate but the arm strength isn’t really there and he isn’t very mobile. Think he could be a fringe starter but when you’re already 24 years old and injury prone that’s not really the ceiling you want prone that’s not the

107. Cory Trice Jr: CB Purdue

Trice is like a Kelee Ringo lite. He’s huge and really physical in press coverage but he’s not a great CB by CB standards although he’s a huge plus in the run game. He’s another guy I coul

108. Xavier Hutchinson: WR Iowa State

Big guy you can get major use out of as a red zone threat. Don’t expect him to be a major YAC guy tho.

109. Tanner McKee: QB Stanford

Tanner McKee has a strong arm and is tall. He’s an ok short game passer but I don’t really like him.

110. Mekhi Blackmon: CB USC

Blackmon is another older and smaller CB but he’s a great athlete with great instincts and ball skills which is nice to have if you need a CB in late r3 and I think he can play outside depending on the matchup and what the defense is trying to run.

111. Jartavius Martin: DB Illinois

He’s small and old but he is REALLY athletic and like his teammate Devon Witherspoon, he plays bigger than his size. BSPM wa State

112. Deuce Vaughn: RB Kansas State

He’ll be one of the smallest players in nfl history at 5’5 180, but he’s extremely u shifty and slippery. He doubles up as a receiving threat as well.

113. Kobie Turner: IDL Wake Forest

Kobie Turner is really old and really small, but similar to Clark Phillips he has that dawg in him and is hyper athletic for a DT so he still has a chance to contribute as a pass rushing IDL for a team willing to draft a 24 year old.

114. Luke Schoonmaker: TE Michigan

He’s another ancient rookie at 24.5 years old, but Schoonmaker is really nice as a route runner and is a decent blocker as well. He can be a solid TE2 if you want a receiving TE

115. Gervon Dexter Sr: IDL Florida

He’s a great athlete for an IDL with solid size but he’s really raw as a pass rusher and needs to make major strides there to be a legitimate contributor for a good team.

116. Ivan Pace Jr: LB Cincinnati

The big issue with pace is his size. He’s built like a slot CB and tries to play as a hard nose down hill LB (although he’s very good in coverage too) and with how small he is it’s gonna be really hard to be as successful in the pass rushing game.

117. Andrew Vorhees: OL USC

I really like Andrew Vorhees, and if he wasn’t 24 years old coming off of an ACL year he’d be in my top 75 he’s a great anchor and I love him in base blocks or down blocks. Inside zone is the most common run so someone who works best there is always nice to have.

118. Chandler Zavala: IOL NC State

He’s really old and low on experience but he’s a really good puller and can hold his own in the pass game.

119. Tre’Vius Hodges-Tomlinson: CB TCU

He’s the shortest defender in the draft and super handsy but he’s a great athlete and physical.

120. Juice Scruggs: IOL Penn State

He’s on the all name team for this draft and is an absolutely anchor in the passing game.

121. Garrett Williams: CB Syracuse

122. Tyler Scott: WR Cincinnati

123. Dante Stills: DT West Virginia

124. Anthony Johnson Jr: DB Iowa State

125. DeWayne McBride: RB UAB

126. Parker Washington: WR Penn State

127. Jakorian Bennett: CB Maryland

128. Jalen Moreno-Cropper: WR Fresno State

129. Jon Gaines II: OG UCLA

130. Rejzohn Wright: CB Oregon State

131. Kendre Miller: RB TCU

132. Ochaun Mathis: Edge Nebraska

133. Starling Thomas V: CB UAB

134. YaYa Diaby: Edge Louisville

135. Yasir Abdullah: Edge Louisville

136. Charlie Jones: WR Purdue

137. Eric Gray: RB Oklahoma

138. Asim Richards: OT UNC

139. Ronnie Hickman S Ohio State

140. Dorian Thompson-Robinson: QB UCLA

141. Isaiah Land: Edge Florida A&M

142. Jadon Haselwood: WR Arkansas

143. Malik Cunningham: QB Louisville

144. Isaiah McGuire: Edge Missouri

145. Chase Brown: RB Illinois

146. Karl Brooks: IDL Bowling Green

147. Keondre Coburn: IDL Texas

148. Trey Palmer: WR Nebraska

149. Henry To’o’To’o: LB Alabama

150. DJ Turner: CB Michigan

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